Don’t Let Your Biz Rob You in 2022

Happy Monday, beauty!

As we continue to ring in the New Year, I want to share with you my annual tradition for creating a resolution that I honor all year long. This process opens the door for me to…

  • Orient myself toward want I want to expand into
  • Manifest the results I most desire
  • Keep my goals simple and memorable
  • Create a focal point for reflection at the end of each year
  • Achieve balance with my business and life

…so you can do the same as you begin your 2022 journey.

I’m also sharing my intention for last year (and the life-changing result that happened over the holiday!)

^^^Watch “Don’t Let Your Biz Rob You in 2022”^^^

My tradition is simple. I set a single word intention for each year.

I choose a word that I want to feel and practice on a daily basis. It’s a theme that I want more of as I begin paving my path into the New Year. I’ve been doing this for many years, and it always amazes me how my word manifests in the results of that year.

In 2017, my word was “wealth.” I really wanted to take a deeper dive into funding my business, understanding wealth principles, and giving back to the world. This was the year my company reached the multi-million dollar milestone.

In 2018, my word was “team.” I dialed in on how to grow and nurture my team. I put a lot of focus on taking care of them and creating expansion for new roles. This was the year we hired many new roles and became stronger than EVER (and we’re still growing & getting stronger as a result!)

Flash forward to 2021. My word was “quantum.” I dreamed of experiencing quantum love, impact, service, and success. This resulted in lots of biz success, like successfully pivoting our business and earning 7-figure income with a rockstar team. It also resulted in some epically exciting news…


Over the holiday, my sweetheart Drew proposed to me on the beach. Our love embodies “quantum,” and I’ve never experienced love like this before!

I’ve waited for this love for 10 years. While I’ve been on this soul-searching mission of supporting women to rock business & getting them the strategies to succeed…

…I’ve sometimes wondered to myself, “What if all of this energy that I’m pouring into this business is going to result in me never having the love that I really want?”

I’m proud to say:

I wanted a purpose-driven business and I also wanted love…and I chose BOTH. I created my mission-driven business and I found a mission-driven partner to share my life with.

Your business doesn’t have to rob you of what you really want this year, as long as you commit to BALANCE. As I’ve been growing my business, I’ve also taken the time to invest in my dating life, which resulted in finding my perfect match. 

So rockstar, as you’re setting your intentions for 2022, remember that your business shouldn’t hold you hostage. Choose a resolution that keeps your heart open to both business success and a fulfilling life for YOU. 

Create daily rituals that serve you.
Take moments to think in an environment where you focus best (I like going for nature walks!)
Know what time of day you feel most productive.
Schedule time to take care of yourself & make it a priority.
Do what it takes to get you the RESULTS you really want.
Keep your heart open to love.

Remember, doors open in your life BECAUSE of your business, not IN SPITE OF it.

My word for 2022 is “freedom.”

Freedom to love.
Freedom within love.
Freedom to choose each moment. 

Please comment below:
What’s your 1 word intention for 2022?

As you’re getting ready to rock your 2022 intentions, I’d love to tell you about a FREE training I have coming up next month. 

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I’ll share more details in the next few weeks!

I hope you have an absolutely INCREDIBLE love-filled year rocking your business AND your life. 

You got this, rockstar!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Marie Henley
5 months ago

Hi Sage,
For a couple of months I have been writing to you in my mind but today is the day to say THANK YOU!!! Your workshops, FB Sisterhood, morning motivations have so often been what I need and want. For the past 3 yrs+ I have been a full time caregiver for my partner who had a stroke, full time operator of my business (Slow Adventure), weekly volunteer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, caretaker of 3 furry friends, and a good friend to my good friends. I often become overwhelmed but just whelmed is not an option. I love all of it and when it gets too much I listen to your words and those of a mentor/friend of mine or someone who supports me…I have learned I cannot do it all alone and you have helped me not just learn that but KNOW it in my heart.
This writing is just to say thank you for what you have taught, shown and pulled out of me over these past years. I am 75 yrs old and working as hard as ever but liking it more.
In 2019 I made $0 from my business but 2 clients who had paid for a trip and had to cancel due to Covid told me to keep their $$$ until they could travel. That $ was a life saver…I didn’t even know these people, they just believed I would honor their commitment to me. I have experienced so much kindness because I am open to receiving it. Last year I had the most profitable year ever!!! And this year is looking very good!!
Thanks for what you do, who you are and what you give to women!!!!
Congrats on your engagement, too!!!!!
very sincerely,

5 months ago
Reply to  Marie Henley

So heart warming.
So true, we don’t have to do this alone. . .and I don’t think we are supposed to!

5 months ago

“Don’t let your business hold you hostage.” Thank you for this, Sage! I am feeling guilty for not doing more and, at the same time, I feel the need to take a pause and get my bearings.

Congratulations again on your engagement! <3

5 months ago
Reply to  Nicole

OMG so GOOD! SO true!
Let go of that guilt and take in all that you have created Nicole! You are EPIC!

5 months ago




Thank you, for the reminder that it doesn’t have to be so complicated, and that we “just” have to commit to one word.

My word for 2022 is TRUST.

My sentence is “I GET to love myself in this way”.. which takes out any and all shame.

Thank you for showing us that WE DO get to have this.. and we CAN have it all!

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