Role: Sales Rep with training for Management
Reports to: Head of Coaching > COO
Included in: Core Team, Sales Team, Events
Direct reports: Sales Coaches and Setters
Role Type: Part-time, hourly, employee with commission structure for sales to start, grow into full-time employee once department ramps up
Pay: $35/hour + commissions with the intention of a 6-figure role within 9-12 months

Women Rocking Business is a quickly growing multi-million dollar Women’s Business Training Company committed to empowering women entrepreneurs worldwide to build financially sustainable businesses in speaking and personal development that transform the world through business. We are reaching over 400,000 women entrepreneurs from all over the globe and providing robust training programs to thousands of clients annually.

We are looking for a heartfelt saleswoman with leadership experience to join our quickly growing team. You’ll start as a sales representative for the first 90 days, with the opportunity for fast advancement into sales management with training and support along the way. 


Your main goal is enrolling more clients into our women business training programs. This is done through several methods - booking calls with our launch and event participants, as well as booking outbound and inbound calls.

As our sales rep you are responsible for prospecting, enrolling and nurturing new clients into our training programs. As the trusted liaison between the client and our team, you work cross-functionally on sales processes, including refund requests.

Primary Sales Rep Responsibilities:

  • Training: Attend sales team training and meetings to develop your sales skills, report your personal sales metrics, and stay motivated with a team of high-performers.
  • Enrollment: Calls are conducted via Zoom and it is your responsibility to make meaningful connections with our potential clients and enroll clients into the programs to drive your individual sales conversion to meet company standards.
  • Nurturing: You take ownership over your enrollments to ensure they get passed off to billing and fulfillment well, while responding immediately to refund requests.
  • Participation: You attend our launches and events either virtually or in person to build rapport with our potential clients and nurture relationships to make sales.
  • Prospecting: You are in our social media groups building connections and corresponding potential clients.
  • Follow Up: You must track your pipeline of people who did not enroll on a first call.


You have the exciting opportunity to lead and motivate our team of sales coaches and setters in achieving company revenue goals during launches, events and ongoingly as we implement our new evergreen sales funnels. Your goal is to manage the sales department by recruitingtraining and leading our high-performing sales team to WRB culture and standards.

As our sales manager you provide support, communication, organizational coordination, and schedules to assist the sales team to close sales. You lead sales meetings, create and maintain sales scripts and leads tracking systems, while upholding our policies with the sales team to be accountable to their contracts and leads metrics.

As your grow into becoming the head of the sales department, you’ll work closely with the CEO, Leadership Team, and Coaching, Client Care and Billing departments to develop strategies, policies and processes for improving and implementing our leads tracking, potential client bookings, and sales metric reports that inform the team in achieving organizational outcomes.

Primary Sales Management Responsibilities:

  • Team Development: Set sales goals and develop sales strategies to lead the sales team to meet business outcomes. Recruit, train and manage all sales coaches and setters. Set commission structures and program pricing updates with the CEO. Evaluate sales rep performance and work with them individually to help them improve their sales conversion and stick percentages.
  • Leadership: Provide leadership and guidance to the sales coaches and setters through mentorship, motivation and strategy. Teach them how to build and maintain customer relationships and close sales, and coach them through behavior changes.
  • Enrollment: Drive personal and team sales, re-enrollment, and renewals in all aspects of the business, maintaining company retention standards.
  • Facilitate: Conduct training specific to sales, re-enrollment, online launches, the enrollment conversation, virtual & in person events and Zoom / phone sales.  
  • Administration: Create, refine, and maintain sales scripts for all programs. Organize meeting schedule and own meeting agenda to host sales team meetings. Coordinate sales steam schedule for launch, event, and evergreen sales. Oversee team communication and cross-functional teamwork.
  • Digital Technologies: Orchestrates use of tools for team success and lead acquisition (OnceHub, LiveChat, Google Drive, Slack, Google Voice, WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom)
  • Metrics: Prepare, analyze and present sales reports; use data to project sales, determine profitability and targets, and identify potential new markets.

Success Criteria/Outcomes:

  • Overall sales conversion meets company goals
  • Individual and team performance contributes to company standards
  • Sales Rep retention and growth in conversion
  • Inform better decision making by assessing risk factors that can threaten our sales success
  • Track and compare results from the past to gauge the the degree of performance change over time
  • Mitigate impact of efficiency, effectiveness, quality, timeliness, compliance, and behaviors for sales performance

Important Attributes, Leadership and Teamwork:

  • Ability to care about our mission, team, and projects, and inspire the best of other people, and experienced and skillful in developing positive team culture
  • Motivational speaker, and excellence in self-leadership: able to effectively motivate and lead the sales team to sales goals
  • Lead sales at events with compassion, patience, flexibility, ability to respond well under pressure, and hold sales coaches accountable
  • Mentor coaches that are strong leaders — dynamic, effective and 100% self-responsible
  • Hold proactive mindset of looking for issues and future needs, and acting upon them
  • Respond to team communications daily with 24 hr response time
  • Respond quickly to instant messaging notifications for swift issues, and highly responsive during high-stakes revenue events and client events
  • Participate in weekly project planning by creating, updating, and advancing tasks regularly
  • Participate in all relevant team meetings, and maintain a high degree of communication and connection with team members
  • Willing to give and receive constructive feedback in non-defensive way
  • Well-developed use of language in verbal communication, with clear, succinct writing skills with long-standing practice of respectful communication

Required Skills, Experience and Education:

  • Sales Experience: You have 2-5+ years selling experience with substantial virtual and in-person event knowledge — you want to uplevel your skills, are hungry to make a difference and make great money.
  • Leadership Experience: You have 2-5+ years of experience as a high-level leader of a department — you can communicate vision, get team members aligned and guide them to produce results, and have a background in training and facilitation. You are capable of planning outcomes, creating team safety, and coaching people through behavior change.  
  • Strategic thinking: you can take into account the needs of the business, the owners, the teams, and individual contributors as plans are laid, and are able to hold multi-million dollar company goals.
  • Project management: you create and maintain clearly documented processes to guide the sales team through reaching milestones, and are able to renegotiating expectations as needed.

Do not apply for this position if you:

  • Have less than 1 year of sales experience
  • Want a position for flexibility & travel freedom only
  • Are not willing to work overtime when needed
  • Have no interest in continuing to train and improve your skills
  • Cannot take feedback or coaching

Our Culture…

Ask any of our team members what it’s like to work for Women Rocking Business, they are all raving fans. We take a lot of pride in building and maintaining an incredible culture of committed A-players. Our team is filled with passionate individuals who thrive in our supportive and collaborative environment.

Everyone on our team works remotely. We value results over hours worked. The more value you bring, the more responsibility, trust, flexibility and advancement opportunity you’ll be given. We have several meetings a week and stay connected throughout the day, which increases connection and productivity on our team. We host annual company retreats where we get together & hang out with each other.

The culture of Women Rocking Business is growth oriented, fast paced, challenging, joyful, connected and it’s a lot of fun. You will be surrounded by leaders - mostly women - who are committed to being the best person they can be, both in and out of work. Our company is continually investing in new courses and seminars to stay on the leading edge of our industry, while giving our team the ability and resources to continue to grow as well.

If you qualify & show up fully - You will see every area of your life improve, guaranteed.

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