Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy - Turning Women with Big Dreams into Goddess-Preneurs



  • You’re just starting out in your business or you have just a few clients & you’re ready to GROW!
  • You’re unclear what your message is or what you’re selling
  • It’s time to transition out of a J-O-B
  • You want a proven income producing system with AI hacks that you can rest into
  • You are ready to change lives as a mentor while creating a sustainable income for years to come!


  • Clarify your Message
  • Package your Client Attracting Programs
  • Master Sales & Enrollment
  • Launch your Movement Online
  • Design your Client Funnel w AI hacks
  • Rock Facebook & Video Challenges
  • Facebook & Social Media Ads on a Budget
  • Grow your List & Email Marketing, Blogging, etc.
  • Create or Up-Level your Client Attracting Website + AI
  • AI & Copywriting for Conversion
  • Build your Social Media Following: Facebook, Instagram & Linkedln
  • Design Client Attracting Talks, Irresistible Offers & Tell Stories that SELL
  • Secrets to Profitable Referral Partnerships
  • Profit Planning for Recurring Revenue
  • Create a 6-Figure Lead Magnet
  • Hire & Train your First Assistant
  • Lucrative Webinar strategies


MONTHLY Inner Secrets Business Training

You’ll get monthly live training classes & bonus pre-recorded training calls to support you with every aspect of growing your business from client enrollment to building your list & client funnels, packaging & pricing your services, launching & optimizing your website, making client-attracting videos, hiring an assistant, & more.

MONTHLY SMALL GROUP Coaching and Hotseat Zoom Sessions

Join small group Q&A Calls with your coaches and Sage. Q’s not answered on the calls will be answered in your private Facebook group within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

Monthly 6-Figure Accelerator Call with Sage

Get UPDATED: What’s happening NOW in the digital marketing world, Hot off the press AI TIPS, game changing HOTSEATS with Sage & 6-Figure Mindset & Strategy Acceleration Techniques.

GET-IT-DONE 3 Hour Sessions (8)

Spend 3 hours together virtually as a group creating your marketing materials, role playing, implementing & receiving valuable feedback on your website, enrolling & following up with potential clients & getting feedback as you make your offers etc.

Monthly Done-For-You Templates

Get our done-for-you templates, email templates, AI hacks, video & webinar scripts (& more)… to craft your marketable program, signature talk… along with accountability assignments, checklists, workbook exercises to systematize your business & reflection tools to grow your leadership.

Private Entrepreneurial Facebook Community

This online sisterhood is alive night & day, ready to support you with your business journey. Use this page to get quick feedback for your talk titles, marketing ideas, website copy, programs & offers. Share your struggles & celebrations & get support.

Biz Library

Get immediate access to previous years' entire content & bonus material including book launch strategies, launching & monetizing your TEDx talk, mindset & money tools & MORE.

Create a Network to grow your Net-Worth

We’ll create the container for you to team up with other women in the program and practice the skills, support each other, promote each other & give each other valuable feedback to up-level your game. Nobody does it alone.

3 Retreats with Sage & Speakers

• Hybrid Wealth Retreat = Lasting Money Mindset
• Virtual Rock the Stage Retreat = 6-figure Speaking Skills
• Rock your Online Sales Retreat = Client Enrollment Mastery
• Behind-the-Scenes Training & Debriefing at Sage's events

Ongoing Tech Support

You’ll get 24 Technology Support Group Calls with demos and handholding to get up your websites, opt-in pages, fill your events, launch email campaigns & your client member site, learn platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, get AI Hacks… and MORE.




PRIVATE Coaching with your
trained Biz Coach
(12 sessions) (Value $2997)

You’ll have a private coach with you all year rigorously coaching you on your marketing materials, your strategic business plan, helping you to craft your offerings & enroll your clients. Our coaches have built 6-figure businesses and supported our clients to do the same.


LAUNCH Online: A Mini-Course
on Video Challenges
+5 Done-For-You Launch Maps & Learn to Launch with Zero Budget!
(Value $997)

This 5 Module Course will teach you, step by step, how to launch a Successful Facebook Group & Create a Video Challenge to attract endless clients. You’ll discover step-by-step how to Launch Facebook ADS & Promo Materials to fill your challenge and how to set up the entire launch inside of Facebook & Social Media Sites for FREE or with VERY LITTLE BUDGET. + You’ll get our 5 awesome proven launch maps!!


Enrollment Mastery
Training Course
(VALUE $997)

In these 6 Modules, you’ll receive over 40 hours of client enrollment training, plus a comprehensive library of materials to help you fill your practice with clients you love. Handouts & Done-for-you Systems including a 35 pg. Niche Clarification Workbook, Marketable Program Done-For-You Walk-Through System & Signature Talk Outline.



Gain valuable message & brand clarity in this half day VIP Session with Sage and the team.
Use our proven system + AI to Create your master plan, spiral marketing & marketing materials to host your next virtual event & enroll your CLIENTS. You'll leave this day with a toolbox full of client magnetizing & enrollment secrets so you can start your training off with momentum, clients & cash!


Client   Retreats


Discover the scheduling strategies, business plans & profit growing tools to make more money & keep more money. You’ll learn frameworks to enroll clients, leverage your business, continue to attract high level clients, launch & fill group programs. Network with other successful businesswomen so you can promote each other this year & RISE together!


Up-level your speaking skills, your stage presence, your magnetism on camera to build a freedom business. You’ll dial in your talk, your stories & offers as you learn to use live & online events to scale to reach dozens, hundreds, or thousands of clients at once, discover secrets to landing paid speaking gigs & keynotes as you claim your 6 or 7-figure speaking-based business.


Join us behind the scenes of our Most Popular Sales Event that’s attracted 1000’s of women. You’ll learn to host your own VIRTUAL AND LIVE events & retreats, and also attend client-only breakout sessions to study & learn the event formula through trainer eyes. Bring your assistant & get the recipe for hosting your own 1-3 day enrollment events, making 6 & 7-figure offers & building your platform online quickly.

MORE OF WHAT Our  Community IS SAYING...

“When I first joined the program, I was grossing about $1000 a month. Now, I’m making $8000 a month and it keeps going up!”

Since joining Biz Academy I’ve made huge shifts. Committing to this program, implementing the strategies & the belief work around money has been magical. I’ve launched my group programs, I’m supporting dozens of women to finish their books and I’m making the difference I’ve always wanted to make.

- Cami Ostman, Writing Mentor

“At 72 Years Old, I put Sage's Techniques into practice and have ‘found myself’ as a coach and was able to add $18,200 to my income over a period of six months.”

This program helped me to refine my niche, create a marketable program that highlights my gifts and create my signature talk which exactly targets my ideal clients. I now have full confidence that if I continue offering my programs, doing discovery sessions, and coming through for my existing clients, I will continue enrolling ideal clients and my success is assured!

- Beth McKinnon, Purpose Mentor

“I realized that if I want to have a business that works, I have to get out there and be visible.”

Working with Sage helped me see the value of what I'm doing, and how I'm offering the opportunity to transform someone's life. I'm not just selling. This is actually heart-centered work, it's what I want for these women, and it's what I can offer for them.

- Kysha Mitchell, Elevate Your NOW

“I’ve enrolled 20 new clients in my private yoga business coaching program and brought in over $10,000 without leaving my house.”

With Sage’s how-you-do-it practical action steps, and with the support of this community, I created the Vibrant Yoga Entrepreneur online business community which is now serving yoga teachers all around the world helping them thrive in business. I’m making money in my sleep and I’m on target to break 6 figures this year and thrive!

– Rebecca Snowball, Yoga Business Mentor

"I now have a system I can use to grow my business & I created 6 figures...”

I was working 18 hours/ day, barely getting by. I was spinning out, exhausted and overwhelmed. The systems and the structures I’ve learned at Women Rocking Business are what have made all the difference to find my clients both online & offline. I welcomed 37 new high paying clients into my 6-month program and created 6-fig+ in income. And the best part is that I’m making a huge difference for clients I love!

- Elizabeth Ocean, Women's Holistic Business Mentor


I’m a single mom growing my second business, and thanks to the Leadership Program & Biz Academy, I’ve had the tools to grow my local Femme Entrepreneur group to 50 women, create my first two marketable programs, double my income, present 5 workshops, and enroll my first 4 paying coaching clients — I also had my first $9200 month … I look back in awe as I notice how my baby steps have become quantum leaps!

- Laura Haykel, Mompreneur


Sage  and  the  Women  Rocking  Business  Team…

Weekly Training & Support, Proven Plans you can Rest Into & a
community of coaches & women entrepreneurs guiding you
every step of the way

Yes !...





Chat with our Business Coaches to get more details & determine which LEVEL is RIGHT for YOU!


MORE PRAISE FOR Women Rocking Business

“Thank you to Sage and the Women Rocking Business Team...”

Thank you for creating the universal tools to support women everywhere to launch businesses that change the world.

- Rev. Deborah Johnson, Diversity Advocate

“Sage is the ultimate leader of women entrepreneurs.”

Her heart is completely dedicated to her clients, students, and readers. She brings a pure and committed love to the templates, systems, and structures she creates for women who are ready to build online communities & thriving businesses.

- Lynne Twist, Co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance & Founder of The Soul of Money Institute

“Sage has the magic formula you need to build a thriving online community.”

The winning outreach strategies that magnetize your perfect tribe, how to craft a message that catalyzes the transformation only YOU can offer as well as how to cultivate the authentic leadership you need to create a culture of trust, belonging & empowerment that will fulfill your greatest mission.

- Claire Zammit, Ph.D. Founder, Feminine Power

“Sage Lavine is pioneering the women’s business movemenT.”

Sage brings feminine values of sustainability and generosity into the business realm as a way of creating online ventures that are both lucrative and aligned with the balance humanity is longing for and in need of.

- Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author & World-renowned Transformational Teacher

Sage sat in a chair


The decision to join the Business Academy Leadership Program this year WILL change your life, and it would be an honor for my team and I to support you.

Business Academy isn’t for you if you’re dabbling in a hobby business. This is for women who are fiercely committed to getting visible, stretching, and soaring to new heights in the next 12 months. Are you one of them?

Imagine a community of high-achieving women entrepreneurs rallying behind you. That's what we offer: a sisterhood that acts as your board of advisors, your cheerleaders, and your reality check. In this year-long program, you’ll access over 100 hours of LIVE, hands-on training. Expect to refine your message, elevate your online profile, and revamp your sales approach.

You're not just enrolling in a course. You’re investing in a future of boundless opportunities and a community that’s got your back. I've coached thousands of women to success, and let me tell you—none of them did it solo. If you're serious about building a lasting legacy, then your seat at the table is waiting.

So, are you ready to invest in your most valuable asset—YOU? Take the leap for a year of unparalleled growth, impact, and income.

Step up. Show up. Change your life—the women’s way.

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