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You'll Discover...

  • How to clarify your message so endless clients will pay you!
  • A proven, heart-based method for identifying the group of people who most want what you have to offer (this way, you align with an authentic and lucrative niche)
  • The 10 step system for creating marketing materials for your ideal clients to fill your practice, sell out your programs and events, lead workshops & rock your business
  • How to answer the question, “What do you do?” from a place of inner alignment that has people excited to hire you
  • The formula for choosing and committing to an evolutionary niche as demonstrated by Claire Zammit, author SARK, Marci Shimoff, Rikka Zimmerman, Sage Lavine, and other industry experts.



How long have you been waiting to build a thriving business because you’re not clear on who your clients are?

Learn how to confidently...

  • Describe your work from a place of alignment with your inner "true north"
  • Build a foundation for your feminine business with a clear & powerful message
  • Get the support you need to grow the business that is waiting for YOU

Our  Trainings...

Here are Your 5 steps for Success

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Steps to Make Money with your Message

  • Complete the Client Mindset Assessment
  • Discover your Sweet Spot
  • Determine your unique niche
  • Create your Million Dollar Mission Statement
  • Answer the Question: What do you do?


Standing out in a Crowded Market: Niche Case Studies

  • Discover 25 Marketable Mission Statements
  • Learn the formula for Microniching to maximize visibility
  • Gain confidence in your message and your market
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  • Test your Ideal Client Marketability
  • Discover the difference between downstream & upstream marketing
  • Master the recipe for attracting your clients' attention by using their own language


7-Figure Message Panel: The Self-Growth Movement Marci Shimoff, Lee Richter, Shana James & Rikka Zimmerman

  • Uplevel your mindset by choosing a message for momentum
  • Find your ideal clients & break free of blocks
  • Take a bold stand for the transformation your clients are most seeking


7-Figure Message Panel: The Women’s Way SARK, Claire Zammit, Shana James

  • Get clear on your individual ideal client mindset
  • Determine the multimillion dollar idea for your lucrative business
  • Gain confidence that you are the woman meant to bring this message

You'll also get...

this Bonus!

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Discounted Ticket to the
Women Rocking Business 3-Day Event
(Value $997)

  • Learn Sage's system for Authentic Sales the Women's Way, So you can always enroll the clients you want online & fill group programs.
  • Discover 3 "Done-for-You" launch plans & customize yours to build your business.
  • Develop your 90-Day plan to host, lead & monetize your own Virtual Events
  • Experience YOUR ultimate Money Mindset Breakthrough so you can stand in your value & give yourself a RAISE
  • Get 3 Hustle-Free Secrets to create Recurring Revenue & Financial Feminine Freedom
  • Collaborate with women from around the world & meet referral partners during our daily networking sessions.



Once I had message clarity, I created a 6-figure launch and financed a home in Costa Rica...

And, I hired 2 amazing part time team members… all while serving feminine leaders from around the world. My clients are traveling to my new retreat center from all over the world for my Temple Body Initiation Live Training! Sage’s system supported me to double my prices, refine my signature program and message… and streamline the strategy to build a community online.

- Sofiah Thom, creator Temple Body Arts School & co-founder of Danyasa Eco-Retreat in Costa Rica.

Sage helped me quadruple my income by getting clear.

I had stepped away from the J-O-B... my business was financially struggling, and then I met Sage… after implementing Sage’s message clarity tools and community building strategies, I just filled my live event and launched a video series that resulted in nearly $250,000 in revenue. Thank you Sage!

-Meghan Neeley, Bad Ass Boss

These tools helped me reach the masses with my message

I grew my mailing list to over half a million people and created revenue like my family had never seen before using the tools Sage teaches… but more importantly, I’m helping more people than ever before live in right sized bodies.

-Susan Peirce Thompson, Bright Line Eating

I’ve created a 6-figure income, grew my list to over 7000 and filled my group program…

Sage helped me launch a virtual event to grow my community, hone my message & discover the elements that make people request a free session with me, which leads to paying clients. I’m now combining my mojo-building with smart marketing, reaching thousands of people and created a 6-figure income.

–Natalie Hill,

Make Money with your message

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