Rock Your Online Sales 3-day virtual retreat

Master the Art of Feminine Sales, Craft Your 90-Day Launch Plan
Fill Your Pipeline with Ideal Clients ONLINE

September 15 - 17

(Ticket Prices are on a PRE-SALE Discount)

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Join us for the...

Rock your online sales

3-Day Virtual Entrepreneurial Training Event
Where You'll…

Learn to turn 50% of your conversations with potential clients, into paying clients. And, you’ll craft your 90-day Launch Plan so that you fill your PIPELINE with potential clients.


Day 1 - Tuesday, Sept 15 ROCK your Message & Offer:
10am - 4pm PST: Training
5-7pm PST: Networking

Day 2 - Wednesday, Sept 16 ROCK your Money & Sales:
10am - 4pm PST: Training
5-7pm PST: Networking

Day 3 - Thursday, Sept 17 ROCK Your Marketing & Own Your Online Space:
10am- 5pm PST: Training

*Optional Yoga morning of Day 2 & 3 at 7am PST...
To prep your body for learning & expansion

Our   Promises...

to YOU at the
Rock Your Sales 3-Day Virtual Retreat

  • Learn Sage’s system for Authentic Sales the Women’s Way, so you can always enroll the clients you want online & fill group programs
  • Discover 3 “Done-for-You” launch plans & customize yours to build your business
  • Develop your 90-Day Plan to host, lead & monetize your own Virtual Events
  • Experience YOUR ultimate Money Mindset Breakthrough so you can stand in your value & give yourself a RAISE
  • Get 3 Hustle-Free Secrets to create Recurring Revenue & Financial Feminine Freedom
  • Collaborate with women from around the world & meet referral partners during our daily networking sessions
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Our   Speakers


A  note  from  Sage...

I used to teach high school and I hated marketing and sales… I come from a long line of anti-salesy school teachers… my mom didn’t even want me to sell girl scout cookies as a kid, because she didn’t want me to offend the neighbors! Then, I realized that if I didn’t learn to market myself authentically and effectively, I wasn’t going to be able to reach the clients who were WAITING FOR ME.

If I can do this, so can you. I’m going to teach you exactly what to do, step by step, to get out of overwhelm and confusion and launch a business you love, that loves you back… so you can live the life you want and give back to the world in amazing ways.

About   Sage

Sage Lavine trains women to build businesses that truly change the world while staying true to women’s values. Sage believes that women thrive in sisterhood and over the years in training thousands of women, Sage has seen that when women get behind each others’ business dreams, we can create miracles together.

Sage has an incredible international community of over 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the world, is CEO to a 7-Figure Company, Women Rocking Business and has raised almost a million dollars for humanitarian projects, like helping women leave abusive situations in Indonesia and start businesses, helping women restore the rainforest in the Amazon, empowering & educating adolescent girls in Uganda and more.

If we can do it… so can you!

Join us at Rock your Online Sales 3-Day Virtual Retreat.



Since I walked into Sage’s 3-Day Women Rocking Business Event, I’ve added over 100,000 people to my list and tripled my revenue.

“Sage has taught me the tools to grow, and build a strong team around me to navigate the sometimes tricky waters of building a business. Sage has the blueprint that’s helped me keep my heart open and spirit intact and aligned, and honoring the life balance that women require as I reach more people. Sage is the real deal and will support any woman with a burning mission to take the magical carpet ride of success… the woman’s way.”

-Susan Peirce Thompson, Bright Line Eating

I realized that if I want to have a business that works, I have to get out there and be visible.

"Working with Sage helped me see the value of what I'm doing, and how I'm offering the opportunity to transform someone's life. I'm not just selling. This is actually heart-centered work, it's what I want for these women, and it's what I can offer for them."

-Kysha Mitchell, Success Coach, Motivational Speaker & Founder, Elevate Your NOW

Elizabeth Beeds

I now have a system I can use again and again to grow my business online...

“I was working 18 hours/ day, barely getting by. I was spinning out, exhausted and overwhelmed. The systems and the structures I’ve learned at Women Rocking Business are what have made all the difference to find my clients both online & offline. I welcomed 37 new high paying clients into my 6-month program and created 6-fig+ in income, then I went on to bring in over 50 clients into my year long program and have since created multiple 6 figures. And the best part is that I’m making a huge difference for clients I love!”

-Elizabeth Beeds, Founder & CEO, Women's Holistic Business Academy

I’m reaching over 4000 women in my Facebook Group & over 600 of them just jumped into my 21-day Video Training.

“Sage helped me to refine my message and streamline the strategy to build a community online, I enrolled over 100 clients into my brand new Radiance program, hired 2 team members & financed a home of my own!! Dreams do come into fruition when we stretch outside of the comfort zone and invest in ourselves… Thank you to Sage & the Women Rocking Business Team!”

-Sofiah Thom, Temple Body Arts


I have a community of over 5000 potential clients online...

“These tools demystified online community building! I’m reaching 1000’s of ideal clients in my Facebook Group. I just created over 6-figures with a Facebook challenge and filled my Hormone Balancing training program. Sage’s systems make it within reach to create amazing results.”

-Robin Nielsen, Hormone Balance Expert



“Before working with Sage, I had a small practice and a J-O-B I wanted to leave. Doing both was hard on me physically and took time away from my family. Through Sage’s program, I started speaking and my practice took off. I was able to leave my J-O-B within a few months. I’m now able to spend more time with my family and take care of my health. Taking the stage has transformed my life!”

-Tracy McCarthy

Our Unconditional Guarantee to YOU...

Our Promise

I'm confident that the tools you'll get will be worth at least 10 times what you'll invest to attend our event. And, if something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us LIVE… You may transfer your registration to a future Rock your Online Sales 3-Day Virtual Retreat OR get a credit towards any future purchase with Women Rocking Business (1 year expiration). You are also welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place.

There is zero risk for you to attend this event and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Master the Art of Feminine Sales, Craft your 90-Day Launch Plan
Fill Your Pipeline with Ideal Clients ONLINE







Thank you to Sage and the Women Rocking Business Team...

“Thank you for creating the universal tools to support women everywhere to launch businesses that change the world.”

-Rev. Deborah Johnson


Sage is the ultimate leader of women entrepreneurs.

“Her heart is completely dedicated to her clients, students, and readers. She brings a pure and committed love to the templates, systems, and structures she creates for women who are ready to build online communities & thriving businesses.”

-Lynne Twist, Co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance & Founder of The Soul of Money Institute


Sage Lavine is pioneering the women’s business movement...

“Sage brings feminine values of sustainability and generosity into the business realm as a way of creating online ventures that are both lucrative and aligned with the balance humanity is longing for and in need of.”

- Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author & World-renowned Transformational Teacher


Sage has the magic formula you need to build a thriving online community:

“The winning outreach strategies that magnetize your perfect tribe, how to craft a message that catalyzes the transformation only YOU can offer as well as how to cultivate the authentic leadership you need to create a culture of trust, belonging & empowerment that will fulfill your greatest mission.”

- Claire Zammit, Ph.D. Founder, Feminine Power

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