Profitable Speaker Training Program

Profitable Speaker Training Program

5 Reasons to Support the Rock the Stage Launch

  1. We are committed to doing everything we can to serve & empower YOUR community to ROCK the stage & their businesses!!!! We support women around the world, moms, authors, messengers, visionaries, workshop leaders and aspiring business owners around the world.
  2. We’ve successfully trained over 500,000 women entrepreneurs in the last 10 years - to create 6 & 7 figure businesses by learning to sell and take the stage, design marketable programs, craft their signature talk & offer & host client attracting events THAT ROCK.
  3. We love to collaborate… we do reciprocal mailings & promos to our community whenever possible - Just ASK!
  4. We’ve paid out over a million dollars in Affiliate commissions over the past few years…
  5. I think we can create even bigger WIN WINS moving forward! A RISING TIDE LIFTS ALL BOATS!

PROMOTING THE PROFITABLE SPEAKER TRAINING PROGRAM… We'd been charging $997 and in July of this year, we raised the price to $2997 for this incredible training program that includes 12 live trainings, a 3 day live sales retreat, a 7 day Speakathon where the entire group takes the stage the same week, attending each other’s events & cheering each other on… the course includes small group breakouts with feedback on marketing materials, a toolbox full of templates and maps, new AI hacks & tools for taking the stage… and everything needed to craft a client attracting talk, host it as a webinar, live or virtual event and ENROLL CLIENTS!

Price point: $2,997 PIF or 3 payments of $1,077

Affiliate commission is:

1-3 Sales = 30% commission
4-9 Sales = 35% commission
10+ Sales = 40% commission

Mailing dates: January 15th-Feb 2nd, 2024


  • Rock the Virtual Stage Facebook Challenge
    • Training dates January 23-27, 2024
      Promo dates: January 15-24
  • Masterclass
    • Training date January 30, 2024 at 11am Pacific
      Promo dates: January 27-30

  • Thought Leader Livestream
    • Training date February 1, 2024 at 11am Pacific
      Promo dates: January 29-February 1
  • Cart Open & Close
    • Cart closes on February 2
      Promo Dates: February 1-2

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“Sage Lavine is a delight to partner with. Her program is a unique training and our community of 250,000 loved it. Sage’s message is clean and engaging. We received an outstanding response to our promotion of her quiz and her free video series- and we also earned very strong affiliate commissions from the launch of her course. Next time, we’ll be giving it our all!” –

- Ocean Robbins, CEO, The Food Revolution Network

I’m always thrilled to partner with Sage Lavine, she’s a strong affiliate for many reasons. I feel great about promoting her stuff, her programs are content rich, inspiring and packed with value, and my people love her. Sage’s trainings convert really well, I get paid handsomely for promoting them, and she always goes out of her way to promote me in return. Sage is changing the playing field for Women Entrepreneurs & I love being a part of it!

– Ryan Eliason

“Women entrepreneurs who are ready to build community will benefit from the love Sage has included in these templates, systems, and Feminine Business structures.”

- Lynne Twist, Co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance & Founder of The Soul of Money Institute

“Thank you to Sage & the Women Rocking Business Team for creating the Universal tools to support women everywhere to launch businesses that change the world.”

- Rev. Deborah Johnson, Inner Light Ministries

“Sage has the magic formula you need to build a thriving online community: the winning outreach strategies that magnetize your perfect tribe.”

- Claire Zammit, Ph.D. Founder of

“I’ve grown my mailing list to over half a million people and built a global movement using the tools that Sage teaches… but more importantly, I’m helping more people than ever before live in right sized bodies.”

- Susan Peirce Thompson, Bright Line Eating

“My mailing list size more than quadrupledwith Sage’s mentoring and the skills I launched the Tap into Money Summit which reached thousands around the globe, my programs have sold out and I’m confidently making more money than ever before!”

- Natalie Hill, Tap Into Money

“I’m reaching over 4000 women in my Facebook Group & over 600 of them just completed my 21-day Video Training. Sage helped me to refine my message and streamline the strategy to build a community online. Dreams do come into fruition when we stretch outside of the comfort zone and invest in ourselves…”

- Sofiah Thom, Temple Body Arts

Some of our past partners:

Abe Crystal
Callan & Justin
Christina Hills
Claire Zammit
Debra Poneman
Derek Rydall
Eben Pagan & James Melnik
Emily Fletcher
Eva Gregory
Gregg Braden
Janet Attwood
Jay Fiset / Joshua Hayward
Jeanna Gabellini
Jeff Hays Films
John Assaraf
Kendall Summerhawk
Kim Clausen
Lisa Sasevich
Lisa Nichols
Lynne Twist
Marci Shimoff
Margaret Lynch
Marisa Murgatroyd
Mark Lack
Mary Morrissey
Melinda Cohan
Michelle Schubnel
Ocean Robbins
Pamela Bruner
Pedram Shojai
Penelope Jane Smith
Rachel Miller
Rikka Zimmerman
Ryan Eliason
Shanda Sumpter
Susan Pierce Thompson
Sue Morter
Any many more...

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