Women Rocking Business Live Details

We hope you'll join us for Women Rocking Business LIVE at the The Dana on Mission Bay in San Diego, California, September 14th, 15th and 16th 2020.

Prepare to receive life-changing business building knowledge, attract more clients than you ever thought possible, increase your income, deepen your relationship with Spirit to guide you in your business and engage in an amazing community of Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs.

Please read through this entire page as it contains important information regarding the event.

*Important Note - the price of your ticket or seat deposit does not include accommodations and meals.*

Note: Once you're officially registered be sure to review the FULL FAQ's in your inbox with next steps and meal package upgrades!

** Where should I stay?

For a complete WEALTH IMMERSION… Stay local!

The event is happening at the The Dana on Mission Bay, in San Diego California… and is an immersion in business training and money mindset reprogramming, so having you stay onsite or nearby (prefer walking distance so you don't have to deal with parking, will allow you to sink into a new way of thinking about your business and money. It's an experience in abundance reprogramming to allow yourself to just RECEIVE and be held, by the ocean, by the women attending, at the retreat center, with everything you need right there.

Also, you may opt to share a room with a friend or another awesome woman who is attending, and this is a great way to meet others and cut costs.

** Where do I find another woman to share a room with?

If you want a roommate and don’t have a friend you’re bringing, join the Women Rocking Business LIVE Facebook group and connect with other women looking for a roommate as well. The link to our private Facebook group will be sent to you after you reserve your seat.

** How can I connect ahead of time with other attendees to network and find a roommate?

When you register, you'll receive a link to join our private event Facebook page where you can network, find ride shares and roommates.

** What about Meals?

We've negotiated a very special VIP BIZ Networking Meal Package with the venue. You'll receive more details after you reserve your seat and let us know you're coming. (Healthy meals, gluten free, vegetarian and paleo options!)

** What’s the Schedule like?

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY we have a LOT to DELIVER! Plan to be mostly “unplugged” and present during the event.

The event will start 9:00am sharp and you won’t want to miss any of the valuable content shared. Please plan on staying the entire event. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

Event Schedule:

Pre-registration: the night before! 5:00pm - 6:30pm on site at The Dana on Mission Bay Sunday September 13th. Get FIRST DIBS to book a laser coaching session during the event. 

Day 1: Master your Message
7:45am Registration/Check in (if you didn't pre register the night before)
9:00am – 9:00pm In Session

Day 2: Master your Money
9:00am –9pm In Session

Day 3: Master your Marketing
9:00am –5pm In Session

** SO MANY PEOPLE! Will I have the chance to get private or small group support?


Women Rocking Business Live is a highly interactive event that includes experiential exercises, a ton of laser coaching with Sage, small group feedback sessions, networking and a coaching corner where you can get support from our coaches.

** Who else will be attending the event?

Every year, we have hundreds of women entrepreneurs and aspiring women business owners attend.

From emerging women entrepreneurs to 6 and 7 figure CEO’s and thought leaders… we have coaches, consultants, facilitators, speakers, authors, healers, visionaries, artists, musicians and performers… if you are building or ready to build a business on purpose that allows you time and financial freedom… this event is for you!

You’ll meet people to network with, cross promote and you may even leave with a new client!!

** What if I attended the event last year? Should I come again?

Yes! For two reasons:

Every year we bring 30% HOT new content to the table. Sage is a creatrix of magnitude and she’s always on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the world of conscious promotion and online marketing. You’ll also be able to study what’s happening behind the scenes, if you’ve been before it’s kind of like getting the workshop on two levels.

Furthermore… You’ll meet new and amazing women to collaborate with and cross promote!!!

** What happens if I have to cancel and can’t come?

If something comes up and you absolutely cannot attend… you may transfer your registration to a future Women Rocking Business event or get a credit towards another training program with Women Rocking Business (with no expiration date).

You can transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place (no cut-off time).

Please note that the hotel you decide to stay at has their own cancellation policy and we have no recourse for giving you a refund on your hotel reservation.

** Can I bring a friend?

Yes-- in fact, we highly recommend it. And after you reserve your ticket, you’ll have a chance to grab a ticket for a friend at a discount as well… WHILE THEY LAST. (There are a limited number of tickets available.)

** What should I wear?

We recommend you dress business casual. And, bring layers!! We are in a conference room and we can’t always modulate the temperature as well as we’d like to… we’ll also be outside a couple times throughout the event and it can be chilly, so bring a rain jacket and umbrella just in case.

NOTE: Please review the FULL FAQ page with more logistics, what not to bring, etc once you register. The FULL FAQ link will be in your welcome email! 

We look forward to meeting you!


Sage & Team

Email [email protected] with any questions