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THE MISSION OF THE BOOK: To uplevel the paradigm of business on the planet & bring women’s values to Entrepreneurship AND to close the pay gap for women. Women are still getting paid .80 Cents on the dollar compared to men even though we’re starting businesses 1.5x faster than men right now – We can together LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD by helping women become more successful entrepreneurs!

4 Reasons to Partner with Sage on this:

  1. We’ve successfully trained over 1200 workshop to build businesses and host live events as a way to grow their practice, find their ideal clients, sell long term programs & gain expert status.
  2. We do reciprocal mailings to my 90K+ list!
  3. Your programs need a way for your clients to generate leads
  4. We’ve paid out over $100K in total affiliate commissions to Justin Livingston, Ocean Robbins, Barbara Marx Hubbard and many others… and they need some competition!

CASH PRIZES for our SALES leaderboard are:

1st PLACE: $10,000

2nd PLACE: $3000

3rd PLACE: $2000

4th PLACE: $1000

PLUS COMMISSIONS >> 40% on our $97 and $997 UPSELL


Wealthy Leader Quiz – Can be promoted at ANY time through Sept 24th

Dream Business GuidebookCan be promoted through Sept 24th

Rock Your Business Facebook Challenge/Training – Promote Sept 9th-14th only

Direct Book promotion (no opt in) – Promote Sept 11th-24th (copy available if you prefer to promote the book directly)

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“Sage Lavine is a delight to partner with.  Her “Events that Change Lives” program is a unique training and our community of 250,000 loved it.  Sage’s message is clean and engaging. We received an outstanding response to our promotion of her quiz and her free video series- and we also earned very strong affiliate commissions from the launch of her course. Next time, we’ll be giving it our all!”  Ocean Robbins, CEO, The Food Revolution Network

RyanI’m always thrilled to partner with Sage Lavine, she’s a strong affiliate for many reasons. I feel great about promoting her stuff, her programs are content rich, inspiring and packed with value, and my people love her.  Sage’s trainings convert really well, I get paid handsomely for promoting them, and she always goes out of her way to promote me in return.  Sage is changing the playing field for Women Entrepreneurs & I love being a part of it! – Ryan Eliason

Results from our Clients…


Now I’ve had the privilege of speaking to over 100 people and generating over $21,000 through my events… with my largest workshops having 45 women attending. Originally I couldn’t have imagined getting up on stage to speak let alone getting on video. Now, my events have brought in 25 new clients – it’s easy for them to say yes to me and what I’m offering them. – Lisa Marie McCardle

Before I ever had a mailing list I sold out my private coaching practice with Sage’s system of hosting speaking engagements and offering discovery sessions. Later when I wanted to leverage my time and income, I used live workshops to fill my first six figure group coaching program. It’s a critical strategy in my business. I’ve even had speaking engagements where I make $20,000- $30,000 because people in the room end up hiring me! Thank you Sage! – Emily Utter

Willow Brown
Speaking engagements have been huge, they’ve been a big funnel to filling my group programs. Before working with Sage I never even imagined having a group program. Speaking has brought so many more people to me that would not have otherwise found me. The Discovery Sessions I’m doing are powerful; I learn so much every time I do it. With my first couple group programs I’ve served 20 women in group programs and generated $20,000 in income. – Willow Brown

Inga1I love speaking engagements. They’re so much fun and you get more comfortable the more often you do them. Doing the call to action for a Discovery Session has become so easy and natural. I always pull at least 2-8 Discovery Sessions from events… Over the last few months I’ve added about $2500 to my income. That’s where I’m getting most of my clients. – Inga Michaelsen

Since I started working with Sage, I’ve held 4 workshops, 1 retreat, 3 speaking engagements and I’ve filled them all. My largest audience was 160 people! From this I’ve made over $10,000 since I’ve been modeling what Sage teaches. – Megan Edge

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Alexis Neely
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