This event in SAN DIEGO is
LIMITED SEATING due to its popularity & effectiveness

Grow your Tribe, Lead your Tribe, Change the World
September 14-15-16, 2020

Join   us...

for Women Rocking Business LIVE
at The Dana on Mission Bay,
San Diego, CA. Where You'll...

• Clarify Your Message
• Launch Your Business
• Fill Your Practice


DAY 1: Master Your Message
DAY 2: Master Your Money
DAY 3: Master Your Marketing

Our   Promises...

to YOU at
Women Rocking Business LIVE

• Master the Art of Enrollment

• Turn 50% of your conversations with potential clients into paying clients.

• Learn Sage’s system for Authentic Sales the Women’s Way, so you can always enroll the clients you want and fill group programs

• Discover 3 “Done-for-you” Launch Plans to Build your Business

• Discover the Formula for Financial Feminine Freedom…

• Work 12 Days a Month or Less making 6-7 Figures… Doing what you LOVE!

Our   Speakers


A  note  from  Sage...

I used to teach high school and I hated marketing and sales… I come from a long line of anti-salesy school teachers… my mom didn’t even want me to sell girlscout cookies as a kid, because she didn’t want me to offend the neighbors!! Then, I realized that if I didn’t learn to market myself authentically and effectively, I wasn’t going to be able to reach the clients who were WAITING FOR ME.

If I can do this, so can you. I’m going to teach you exactly what to do, step by step, to get out of overwhelm and confusion and launch a business you love, that loves you back… so you can live the life you want and give back to the world in amazing ways.

About   Sage

Sage Lavine trains women to build businesses that truly change the world while staying true to women’s values. Sage believes that women thrive in sisterhood and over the years in training thousands of women, Sage has seen that when women get behind each others business dreams, we can create miracles together.

Sage has an incredible international tribe of nearly 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the world, is CEO to a 7-Figure Company, Women Rocking Business and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for humanitarian projects like helping women leave abusive situations in Indonesia and start businesses, helping women restore the rainforest in the Amazon, helping the women’s shelter in Santa Cruz through Inner Light Ministries and more.

If we can do it… so can you!

Join us at Women Rocking Business LIVE on the California Coast.

Our Unconditional Guarantee to YOU...

Our Promise

I'm confident that the tools you'll get will be worth at least 10 times what you'll invest to attend our event. And, if something comes up that makes it impossible for you to join us LIVE… You may transfer your registration to a future Women Rocking Business Live event OR get a credit towards any future purchase with Women Rocking Business (with no expiry date). You are also welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place.

There is zero risk for you to attend this event and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Notes from past attendees...


Since I walked into the Women Rocking Business LIVE last year, I’ve added over 100,000 people to my list and tripled my revenue.

Sage has taught me the tools to grow, and build a strong team around me to navigate the sometimes tricky waters of building a business. Sage has the blueprint that’s helped me keep my heart open and spirit intact and aligned, and honoring the life balance that women require as I reach more people. Sage is the real deal and will support any woman with a burning mission to take the magical carpet ride of success… the woman’s way.


I met Sage at Women Rocking Business LIVE… and shortly after sold out my private coaching practice with Sage’s system of hosting speaking engagements and offering discovery sessions.

Later when I wanted to leverage my time and income, I used live events to fill my programs and replace my income so I could leave my other consulting gig. Now it’s a critical strategy in my business. My business is so successful I’m travelling the world regularly and working from anywhere, changing lives. Thank you Sage!


Elizabeth Beeds

I’ve hosted 2 events and put over 100 women in the room each time. I grew my list to 1000’s and LOVE my clients!

When I first started my business, I was trying to figure everything out myself, feeling alone, overwhelmed and without consistent income. Sage helped me launch events and fill my group program. Now, I’m creating more revenue than ever before in my career. Sage gave me a system and I’ve never been so supported. Thank you, Women Rocking Business!


I’m a single mom growing my second business, and thanks to Women Rocking Business LIVE and year long program I’ve had the tools to grow my local Femme Entrepreneur group to 50 women.

I created my first two marketable programs, doubled my income, hosted five events, and enrolled my first round of paying coaching clients — I look back in awe as I notice how my baby steps have become quantum leaps!



The love, community and support Sage creates at Women Rocking Business LIVE is powerful and life changing.

In just a few months with Women Rocking Business, I enrolled 11 new clients and grew my list to over 2000 yoga entrepreneurs. Before working with Sage, I was struggling to make enough money in my yoga business and quite frankly I was scared. Sage helped to change all that for me! Now, 1 year later, I’m filling group programs, enrolling private clients & finally making the difference I’ve been waiting to make for years!!




Before working with Sage, I had a small practice and a J-O-B I wanted to leave. Doing both was hard on me physically and took time away from my family. Through Sage’s program, I started speaking and my practice took off. I was able to leave my J-O-B within a few months. I’m now able to spend more time with my family and take care of my health. Taking the stage has transformed my life!



This event has sold out the last 5 years
And this venue has half the capacity as years past!

Women Rocking Business Live -3-day entrepreneurial training california coast
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