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How to Stop Hiding & Start Getting Visible in 2023

It’s 2023. Are you still hiding out? Are you procrastinating on getting visible? Are you telling yourself you don’t have anything good enough to say? If you’re thinking “yes,” this message is for YOU.  ^^^Watch “How to Stop Hiding & Start Getting Visible in 2023” Now^^^ 2023 is slated to be an incredible year […]

What’s Your Superpower Shadow?

If you’ve taken my Speaker Superpower Quiz, you know that you have a speaker superpower within you.  But did you know that your superpower has a shadow? In today’s quick training, I’m diving into WHY you have a superpower shadow and HOW to leverage it in your business. ^^^Watch “What’s Your Superpower Shadow?” Now^^^ Your […]

3 Hot Speaking Tips for a Profitable 2023

It’s 2023! This year is slated to be a breakout year for… 💛 Visionaries 💛 Mentors 💛 Healers 💛 Guides 💛 Holistic Practitioners Pop a “yes” in the comments if this is YOU and you’re ready to claim your most profitable business year yet.  Here’s the reason why this year is going to be so […]

What I Learned from My Team in 2022 to Make Millions

I’m feeling so blessed heading into this holiday season. I recently held my annual team retreat with all of the incredible rockstars behind Women Rocking Business (I’ll share some million dollar team tips below!)  What did we do at the team retreat? We explored our different styles of leadership, set powerful goals for 2023, celebrated […]

Business Lessons Learned from Moving

I just moved! ✨ Today I’m sharing some of the highlights of my big move…and some valuable business lessons I learned in the process.  Check out the video and article below to learn my 3 business tips I discovered from moving.  ^^^Watch “Business Lessons Learned from Moving” Now^^^ First, I’ll show you how we […]

3 Tips to Rock Your Spiritual Sales

Hello beauty! If you’re wondering how to bring your spirituality into your sales conversations… Check out my 3 tips to rock your spiritual sales. I’m sharing simple strategies that are leveraged by highly skilled and successful saleswomen around the planet, so you can… 💛 Enroll more clients 💛 Create more alignment in what you’re offering […]

Life-Changing Healing for Women Entrepreneurs (Interview with Brandy Gillmore)

You have a life-changing gift to bring to this planet. If you want to create change in the world and thrive as a woman entrepreneur, you first have to… Break free from negative thought processes (yep, even if they started in childhood) Identify the limiting emotional beliefs that are holding you back (and overcome them) […]

Claim Your Genius Zone with Gay Hendricks and Sage Lavine

Want to spend more time in your zone of genius? If so, you’re going to love this interview with Gay Hendricks. He’s a leader in the fields of relationship and body mind transformation with 45+ years experience. He has created absolutely amazing results with his gift, like… Writing over 40 books, including his latest book […]

Buy Nothing on Black Friday?

This week are you celebrating Black Friday or “Buy Nothing” Day? Comment below and let me know which resonates with you.  If you’re on the fence, I want to take a few moments to talk to you about Buy Nothing Day and share how it can help you take a big stand in your business. […]

Announcing Season 4 of My Podcast!

Season 4 of my Women Rocking Business Podcast launches TODAY! 💛 I just released the first episode and I can’t wait for you to start listening… Subscribe on: Apple | Google This season’s theme is 7-Figure Impact, and each episode will give you the tools to: 💛Scale your heart-based business 💛Transform lives & reach more people 💛Make a […]

5 Hot Tips to Launch a Successful Podcast

I’m kicking off today’s training with an exciting announcement… Season 4 of the Women Rocking Business Podcast launches NEXT WEEK. ✨ You’re going to love this season, sister. The theme is 7-Figure Impact, and each episode will give you the tools to: 💛Scale your heart-based business 💛Transform lives & reach more people 💛Make a bigger […]

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