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Claim Your Genius Zone with Gay Hendricks and Sage Lavine

Want to spend more time in your zone of genius? If so, you’re going to love this interview with Gay Hendricks. He’s a leader in the fields of relationship and body mind transformation with 45+ years experience. He has created absolutely amazing results with his gift, like… Writing over 40 books, including his latest book […]


Buy Nothing on Black Friday?

This week are you celebrating Black Friday or “Buy Nothing” Day? Comment below and let me know which resonates with you.  If you’re on the fence, I want to take a few moments to talk to you about Buy Nothing Day and share how it can help you take a big stand in your business. […]


Announcing Season 4 of My Podcast!

Season 4 of my Women Rocking Business Podcast launches TODAY! 💛 I just released the first episode and I can’t wait for you to start listening… Subscribe on: Apple | Google This season’s theme is 7-Figure Impact, and each episode will give you the tools to: 💛Scale your heart-based business 💛Transform lives & reach more people 💛Make a […]


What folks are saying…

Sage’s entrepreneurial plans and tools help women navigate the sometimes tricky waters of building a business while keeping their hearts and spirits intact and aligned. Since working with Sage, I’ve added 100,000 people to my list and brought in about $3.5 million in revenue. Sage is the real deal and will support any woman with a burning mission to take the magical carpet ride of success… the woman’s way.

Susan Peirce Thompson
Susan Peirce Thompson, Bright Line Eating

Sage Lavine is pioneering the women’s business movement, making a compelling case for bringing feminine values of sustainability, generosity, spiritual fulfillment, and social and environmental awareness into the business realm as a way of creating entrepreneurial ventures that are both lucrative and aligned with the balance humanity is longing for and in need of.

Susan Peirce Thompson
Marci Shimoff, Bestselling Author

Sage is the ultimate leader of women entrepreneurs. Her heart is completely dedicated to her clients, students, and readers. She brings a pure and committed love to the templates, systems, and structures she creates for women who are ready to build a thriving business. More importantly, she believes in women’s fundamental greatness. As you read this book, you’ll feel her belief in you so strongly that you won’t be able to help but believe in yourself, too.

Susan Peirce Thompson
Lynne Twist, Bestselling Author

Sage is brilliant at supporting women speakers & messengers. She helps women entrepreneurs get their gifts effectively OUT into the world at a time when the world SO needs us. Thank you Sage for being a bold stand for changing the way the world does business!

Susan Peirce Thompson
Lisa Nichols, CEO of Motivating the Masses

What if YOU are the perfect person to bring the message only YOU can bring? The world is waiting…

Sage Lavine

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