5 Life-Saving Strategies For Managing Pre-Event Jitters

Your event is in a few days. You’ve got the pre-event jitters big time! You’re not sure if you’re going to melt down, explode or both. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, Goddess. You’re not alone. I’ve SO been there!! And truth be told, I still get the pre-event jitters. The energy before a live event, whether […]

Oprah gave her 1.5 million… My new friend

I recently spoke at the Emerging Women conference. I’ll be honest I was excited but a little burned out from the book launch, and exhausted from some of the emotional strain I’ve felt from wildfires and loved ones struggling… When I walked into the green room after getting off stage the second day, quite frankly […]

(Video) Intentional 7-Figure Partnerships

I don’t always talk about this part of my success but I truly wouldn’t be where I am without my partners. I have a group of partners I meet with several times a year, including Jeff Walker, Justin Livingston, Susan Peirce Thompson and more… these folks are committed to supporting me to grow my business, […]

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