3 Steps to Ride the Contribution Dragon in Business

Hello Beauty! We’re here to talk about the fire-breathing dragon in your business… …the one that makes you feel like you’ll get eaten up & burned out if you don’t give 100% of yourself to biz and work constantly.  I’m teaching you how to RIDE the dragon – not slay it – so you can… […]

How I Landed a Spot in a Millionaire Documentary

I have some really exciting news to share with you… I’m being featured in my first documentary! Millionaire Within Her is an amazing docu-series that celebrates dozens of women entrepreneurs who are paving the way for the next wave (including you!) to earn more, lead more, and BE more.  ***Register to watch Millionaire Within Her […]

3 Strategies to Overcome Fear in Business

Today I’m talking about one of your most requested topics: Overcoming FEAR in your business. So if you’ve ever felt fear and thought… “What if I fail?” “What if things don’t go my way?” “What if I have to face my biggest challenges?” Or even… “What if the business I grow becomes too big and […]

5 Ways to Master Your Time Management

Let’s talk about the concept of TIME. Many women entrepreneurs have a less-than-ideal relationship with time and it is a common cause of stress and concern.  I’m here to help you get on the front side of time management, so you can… Create a container for your life and biz Build valuable structure around your […]

3 Online Visibility Hacks for Women

There’s never been a better time for women to focus on online visibility. The planet needs your unique gift more than ever, and I want you to have the confidence to rock your marketing & get visible in the virtual world. Here are my top 3 online visibility hacks for WOMEN:  ^^^Watch 3 Online […]

Reflecting on Our First 1,000 Woman Event…

Last week, I wrapped up my first 1,000+ women event and I have to say… …it was off-the-charts AMAZING! The magnetic energy and feeling of togetherness are still resonating with me today.  I’m so amazed by the women who showed up with their A-GAMES, their commitment and their BIG MISSIONS. As I’m thinking about all […]

3 Strategies for Your Virtual Fundraising Event

Your purpose-based business is founded on your authentic feminine values and your mission to change lives with your unique gift.   So you may find yourself asking, “How do I make a BIGGER difference on the planet while I work?” The key is to align your brand with a humanitarian cause so you can give back […]

Making Virtual Events SIMPLE

Your pivot to virtual events is a huge transformation for you & your business. Does all the planning feel complicated? It doesn’t have to. Here are five tips for making your virtual events SIMPLE so you can ROCK the online stage: (Click below to watch Ep. #92: Making Virtual Events SIMPLE)   #1. Take Care […]

My NEW Podcast is Officially Launched!

I am so excited to announce I just launched my NEW Women Rocking Business podcast! I can’t wait for you to tune in & learn about the AH-MAZING content I have planned – including exclusive training from guest experts, my latest proven business formulas, online tips & hacks, and more! (Click here to check out […]

Rock Your Sales Fundraising Results

Last month, we had our 3-Day Rock Your Sales Virtual Retreat. I spoke with hundreds of women across the world about three values that are important for feminine leadership: empowerment, collaboration and resource-building. These values are not only our responsibility to our businesses, but also to the world and all its beautiful women. That’s why […]

How To Keep Leading During Hard Times

Life is ALWAYS in session. Even during these unprecedented times. Even during a global pandemic. And yes, even during personal challenges…like the one I’m facing right now. I just self-evacuated from my home in Santa Cruz realizing it’s entirely possible I may lose it to a forest fire. As a leader, it’s important to find […]

5 Things To Look For When Investing In A Program

Have you ever invested thousands and thousands of dollars on programs that just didn’t get you the kinds of results you were looking for? If so, I want you to know I get it and I know how frustrating it can be. But please, don’t give up on yourself and your dreams. Don’t give up […]