3 Steps to Get Yourself Out There

It’s time to get yourself out there, rockstar! If you’re just starting out in biz, you know it can be tempting to hide behind your computer or create content in a closet. In today’s training, I’m sharing 3 tips to embrace human connection so you can… Scale your business Get visible online Create time freedom […]

Monetize Your Stage with Hot Offers

If you want to present your offer from a place of effectiveness AND also from a place of open-hearted love, transformation, and authenticity… …then this training is for you, rockstar.   ^^^Watch “Monetize the Stage with Hot Offers” Now^^^ Do you ever feel like, “I don’t want to deal with the money part!” and wish […]

Following Your Deepest Desires in Business

Today’s training is all about going from desire… to destiny. Rockstar, your greatest desires are given to you for a reason. I believe they’re the universe’s way of clueing you into your next chapter. So if you have a desire in you to build a transformational business & listen to your inner truth… Check out […]

Have You Heard of Zoom Fatigue?

Have you heard about this thing going around called “Zoom fatigue?” If this sounds a little scary, I’m here to help set your mind at ease. At Women Rocking Business, we’re actually seeing more people than ever craving online connection. We’re currently… Reaching over 400,000 women entrepreneurs Having more and more Zoom participants during our […]

What a Recession Means for Your Biz

Lately, I’ve had a lot of women asking me…. “How is the recession going to affect my biz?” “Should I worry about an imminent financial winter?” “How do I navigate my business in this economic climate?” I’m answering this question Sage-style and supporting you to… Think in a healthy & hopeful way about your biz […]

Profitable Speaker: Season 3 of Women Rocking Business Podcast

If you know in your heart that you’re on a path to… Transform lives (starting with your own) Make a big contribution to this planet Share your message in a bigger way Set yourself up for greater income & impact Rising to the truth you know is within you …then today’s big announcement is for […]

The Entrepreneur Burnout Solution with Rev. Michael Beckwith & Sage Lavine

The past few years haven’t been easy. We’ve been walking through a global pandemic, new challenges, and big shifts in our business.  So it’s no wonder I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries asking, “how do I keep going in business without burning out?” If you feel like you’re on the edge of entrepreneur burnout, […]

7-Figure Feminine YouTube Baller: Shelly Bullard

Hi rockstar! If you’re looking for a simple, classy business model that allows you to… Create a freedom schedule  Earn a continual stream of income Reach more ideal clients with your message …then you’re going to be so inspired by this interview with Shelly Bullard. Shelly is a 7-figure YouTube baller who is living her […]

Your Goals: The Push & Pull

Do you have a push-pull relationship with goals? Maybe you know that you have to set goals to move forward in your business, but sometimes you feel like these goals… Make you hyperfocus on numbers (instead of the passion behind your “why”) Intimidated and pressured (what happens if you don’t meet your goal?) Suck the […]

3 Tips to Rock Your Sacred Enrollment with Elizabeth Ocean & Sage Lavine

Hello sister! I’m joined by my dear friend & client Elizabeth Ocean, CEO of Women’s Holistic Business Academy, to talk about sacred enrollment. Elizabeth is a rockstar graduate of our Women Rocking Business Academy. She has taken our enrollment tools and made them her own, creating results like…. Building a quarter million dollar a year […]

Incredible Act of Generosity & Sisterhood (This has NEVER happened before!)

Hello rockstar! At my recent 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat…. Something incredible took place LIVE that has never happened before. 😮 I gave away $15,000 worth of year-long training to one woman but TWO women ended up receiving the prize.  Today I’m sharing this powerful video clip to reveal how this absolutely INCREDIBLE act […]

3 Tips to Lead an Engaging Virtual Event

I JUST WRAPPED the best event of my life. Over 900 women registered from 37 countries…  I’m basking in the afterglow. I’m so thankful for the hundreds of women who attended and created this magical transformation.  I have to tell you… I live for events. Even a week before the event, I wake up each […]