Building a Feminine Thought Leader Business with Claire Zammit

Are you called to be a thought leader? My conversation with Claire Zammit points to one very key trait that all thought leaders have in common. In today’s Monday Motivation, I’m sharing an interview with Claire – who’s regarded as the world’s leading expert in coaching women – to talk about her process for reaching […]

How to Break Through Your Money Blocks

Hello beauty! I recently wrapped up my 3-Day Rock Sales Retreat where 700+ women experienced life-changing transformations in their life and biz! I’m still receiving so much feedback like… “My money mindset shift was INCREDIBLE.” “This has been AMAZING as always”  “Is it too late to join the Women Rocking Business Academy?” I’m blown away […]

4 Energies of Sacred Sales

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who puts you at total ease, like they’re going to take exquisite care of you so you totally trust them? If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that it’s not just what they say… it’s their deeply present, confident energy that leaves you feeling totally safe, […]

The Resistance to Sell Spiritual Gifts

Your spiritual gifts deserve to be received by those who need them. I know some of you are resistant to selling them. It can feel like putting a price tag on your heart, right? But I believe your soul has designed this journey for you. You are meant to do this. I’ve had the honor […]

Your Hurt & Harm Is part of Your Gift with Elliott Connie

Being an entrepreneur is about giving your gift to the world – and the traumas, the pains, setbacks, and the challenges you’ve had are a PART OF that gift. In other words… your gifts have been forged in the fire of your biggest wounds. I am SO excited to share a heart-to-heart I had with […]

How to 50x Your Visibility with Chat GPT

I’m SO stoked to get you a few HOT TIPS this week to help you use Chat GPT to get more visibility online… There’s a few easy hacks that we’ve learned at Women Rocking Business that have helped us get 50x and even 90x the views on some posts & videos, and can do the […]

The Prosperous Feminine by Julie Steelman

Financial freedom is waiting for YOU. It’s quite common to forget that financial freedom is our birthright… and that the journey to being financially free is just as much a mindset journey as it is a strategy journey. If you’re longing to break from the hustle of overly busy, professional, corporate life – and make […]

I got Triggered in my Women’s Group

Many of you have been asking me… “How do I talk about my new business to friends and family?” “How do I let people know that I’m now a healer, mentor, or guide?” Speaking about your newly birthed creation can be vulnerable. You need to get it out there to get paid for your message, […]

12 Step Feminine System to Launch Your Biz…Highlights from My Best-Selling Book with Glory St. Germain

Hey, Gorgeous! Are you ready to ROCK your business? Even in financial uncertainty, you can start your BIZ and quantum leap your results! This week, I’m joined by Glory St. Germain – one of my incredible clients who has read Women Rocking Business cover to cover and used these tools to skyrocket her business in […]

Dial in Your Client Attracting Talk

If you want to grow a thriving business (both online and live), it’s so important that you… Dial in your client-attracting talk. The secret to creating a CLIENT ATTRACTING signature talk is to set the CONTEXT for learning…not just the content. Here’s why: Context matters 10x more than content. That’s because content is considered a […]

3 Tips to Lead an Engaging Virtual Event

We just welcomed over 7,000 new women speakers into our community and many are asking… How do I create BOTH transformation AND income from the stage? So  I went to the drawing board & found one of our most popular episodes filmed right after one of our most successful 7-figure events that changed the lives […]

8 STEPS to an EPIC 2024

Hi, Gorgeous! 2024 is on the horizon. But does the thought of a New Year’s resolution scare you? Check out my 8 steps to set and reach your 2024 goals – the feminine way! This process will get you attuned and aligned with what you want and make 2024 the best, loudest, most impactful year […]


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