tips from the six-figure structure queen

I was just at a gathering with a bunch of my Mastermind partners at Jeff Walker’s Secret Headquarters in Durango, CO… and I had an opportunity to learn from the structure queen, Melinda Cohan… WOW – Melinda gave me some incredible tips I want to share with you. Here’s the video… Here are some of the […]

(Video) Intentional 7-Figure Partnerships

I don’t always talk about this part of my success but I truly wouldn’t be where I am without my partners. I have a group of partners I meet with several times a year, including Jeff Walker, Justin Livingston, Susan Peirce Thompson and more… these folks are committed to supporting me to grow my business, […]

EEEEEK!!! Chapter 1 Of my NEW BOOK

I’ll be honest – I can’t believe this is happening. I didn’t think I’d be publishing a book this early in my career. Let alone a Hay House book. I’m excited. I’m thrilled. I’m TERRIFIED. What do I do when I hit the terror of going bigger? I turn toward my mission. You, like me, […]

Birthing Pains of my BOOK

I just opened up the box of books. EEEEK!! To hold my very first book in my hands is both exciting and TERRIFYING. Then, I had to get on a plane and fly to Colorado to meet my masterminding partners (half are whom best-selling authors already) – Ok, the truth is that I got caught […]

Have you seen Wonder Woman?

Did you know the last time a Superhero movie was made about a woman was 13 years ago … it was Cat Woman… I think it’s time for the SUPER-SHEROS to take a stand for our own super-powers… wouldn’t you agree? And OMG did you know that the icon of Wonder Woman was actually invited […]

(Video) Bhagavad Gita Biz Lessons

Have you ever noticed that highly successful, high achieving people tend to be less stressed out? There’s a calmness about them. I was just at a mastermind with my dear friend Shanda in San Diego, and we were noticing this about all the 7-figure earners in the room. Secret confession: I was a little more […]

(Video) Making Offers from Stage? Scary!!

Last month I made an offer from stage for a $10,000 program… whenever I do that I get shaky in my shoes. (Literally!) You’ll NEVER believe what happened. We opened up the conversation with 400 women in attendance, to share how they responded to the offer. We had truth telling in the room, breakthroughs happening… […]

Why Vulnerability, why NOW?

I was just in Vancouver with a bunch of my mastermind partners discussing the future of internet marketing. We talked about how we’re reaching the “end” of the Wild West “gold rush” online- as you’ve noticed it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out… The one thing that’s working better than ever to stand out […]

(Video) Take Flex Fridays – From Pinnacles

You are the only one who can protect your time. It’s way too easy to get bogged down in work when you’re an entrepreneur. Your work life will BLEED into your personal life if you don’t prioritize your adventures, your play time and your Flexible Fridays! Here’s how to take Flex Time on Fridays… You […]

(VIDEO) Pre-Event Jitters

I forgot to send you this video a few weeks ago – I was FREAKING OUT before my big 400 woman event! And, I managed myself with some key mindset shifts I want to share with you… Here’s the video (Forgive me for looking like I’m having a lazy Sunday – I AM!) Hope it […]

Confession: I was SO jealous…

Have you ever felt jealousy because something awesome happened for a friend in their business? My dear friend and colleague Sharla Jacobs and I hung out last weekend and made this impromptu video to share a story about our jealousy toward each other…and what happened when we admitted it. I hope this serves you to […]

I was on FOX News Yesterday- Equal Pay Day!

I feel like I’ve waited my entire life to say this and finally my “ITCH” got “SCRATCHED!” I had a chance to say, on Fox Television… that women are not victims!! We are valuable and it’s time to claim it. What an honor. Check out the 4 minute newsreel below. Even though women are still […]

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