The Prosperous Feminine by Julie Steelman

Financial freedom is waiting for YOU. It’s quite common to forget that financial freedom is our birthright… and that the journey to being financially free is just as much a mindset journey as it is a strategy journey. If you’re longing to break from the hustle of overly busy, professional, corporate life – and make […]

Dial in Your Client Attracting Talk

If you want to grow a thriving business (both online and live), it’s so important that you… Dial in your client-attracting talk. The secret to creating a CLIENT ATTRACTING signature talk is to set the CONTEXT for learning…not just the content. Here’s why: Context matters 10x more than content. That’s because content is considered a […]

3 Tips to Lead an Engaging Virtual Event

We just welcomed over 7,000 new women speakers into our community and many are asking… How do I create BOTH transformation AND income from the stage? So  I went to the drawing board & found one of our most popular episodes filmed right after one of our most successful 7-figure events that changed the lives […]

3 Tips to Rock Your Spiritual Sales

Hello beauty! If you’re wondering how to bring your spirituality into your sales conversations… Check out my 3 tips to rock your spiritual sales. I’m sharing simple strategies that are leveraged by highly skilled and successful saleswomen around the planet, so you can… 💛 Enroll more clients 💛 Create more alignment in what you’re offering […]

The Sacred Act of Sales: Why It Matters

Learning to SELL is SPIRITUAL. Sister… Spiritual Business is on the horizon. You’re not just peddling a product. You truly want to make a difference. This week, we’re jumping into the sacred service of selling. It’s the key to overcoming your ego and transforming your business – in a way that aligns with your soul. […]

Six Figures from Speaking In 2024

What’s the fastest way in 2024 to grow a six-figure message-based business? It’s speaking! Think about it: the most well-paid people in the world are speakers! (Think of Oprah.) That’s why – this week – we’re diving headfirst into the profitable world of speaking to grow your business. It’s the express lane to a six-figure […]

How to Release Your Debt & Money Shame

Are you experiencing shame around having debt? (Comment below if you can relate!) If so, today’s training can help you release that negative energy and… 💛 Get to the front side of debt, money, and wealth 💛 Change the way you think about borrowing money 💛 Create more financial freedom & abundance Plus, you’ll start […]

6 Tips to Rock Hybrid Events (Virtual & In-Person)

As the planet is slowly returning to in-person gatherings, there’s a new event format that’s paving the future for LIVE speakers… HYBRID events. HYBRID refers to an event in which you’re leading both online participants (who we call “Zoomers”) and in-person participants (who we call “roomers”) through a transformative experience.  Women Rocking Business just led […]

How to Create Financial Freedom with Penelope Jane Smith and Sage Lavine

Let’s talk about MONEY. I’m sharing a super-hot training around making money and growing money… so you can build your entrepreneurial queendom with more wealth and ease. In this interview with financial freedom expert Penelope Jane Smith, you’ll discover… How to get started investing (even if you’re a total beginner) The mindset of growing long-term […]

How to Sell $10K+ Packages with Integrity

Attention: women entrepreneurs who want to… Change more lives Earn more income Create more impact This training is for you. I’m sharing three quick tips to sell high-ticket programs (including $10,000 packages) so you can create even more transformation on this planet. So listen, watch, or read below to learn how to sell these programs […]

How to Fall in Love with Sales

Last week’s Rock the Stage Challenge was off-the-charts AMAZING.  THOUSANDS of women who joined us from around the world and said “yes” to growing their speaking-based businesses in 2023. Now that so many women in our community have the tools to rock the stage, I want to take some time to talk about how to […]

3 Hot Speaking Tips for a Profitable 2023

It’s 2023! This year is slated to be a breakout year for… 💛 Visionaries 💛 Mentors 💛 Healers 💛 Guides 💛 Holistic Practitioners Pop a “yes” in the comments if this is YOU and you’re ready to claim your most profitable business year yet.  Here’s the reason why this year is going to be so […]


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