Building a Feminine Thought Leader Business with Claire Zammit

Are you called to be a thought leader? My conversation with Claire Zammit points to one very key trait that all thought leaders have in common. In today’s Monday Motivation, I’m sharing an interview with Claire – who’s regarded as the world’s leading expert in coaching women – to talk about her process for reaching […]

How to Break Through Your Money Blocks

Hello beauty! I recently wrapped up my 3-Day Rock Sales Retreat where 700+ women experienced life-changing transformations in their life and biz! I’m still receiving so much feedback like… “My money mindset shift was INCREDIBLE.” “This has been AMAZING as always”  “Is it too late to join the Women Rocking Business Academy?” I’m blown away […]

12 Step Feminine System to Launch Your Biz…Highlights from My Best-Selling Book with Glory St. Germain

Hey, Gorgeous! Are you ready to ROCK your business? Even in financial uncertainty, you can start your BIZ and quantum leap your results! This week, I’m joined by Glory St. Germain – one of my incredible clients who has read Women Rocking Business cover to cover and used these tools to skyrocket her business in […]

From School Teacher to Multi Millionaire Speaker with Lisa Nichols

You can create a totally new life… and business… in less time than you think. Sister… Your Dream is waiting for you. The challenge you’re facing now is the stepping stone to your vision. This week, I’ll be sharing an interview I had with the wonderful Lisa Nichols. She met me at my lowest of […]

Cure for Cancel Culture with Sam Horn and Sage Lavine

Do you ever fear “cancel culture”… and getting criticized or even canceled for sharing your truth online as you’re out there getting visible? Building a message based business puts you in the fire… repeatedly. 💙 Learn to speak confidently, so you can stop fearing “cancel culture” 💙 Stop getting triggered and start pausing (this saves […]

Balance is Bullsh*t with Dr. Rachel Abrams and Sage Lavine

Are you honoring your body wisdom as a woman entrepreneur? I’m so excited to introduce you to my doctor and dear friend, Dr. Rachel Abrams. She is a transformational powerhouse in the world of women’s health and integrative medicine. She is a renowned doctor with degrees from both Stanford University and University of California. She […]

Transforming Fear into Presence with Katie Hendricks and Sage Lavine

Is fear holding you back as you’re growing your business? My dear friend Katie Hendricks can show you how to shift… Fear into presence Anger into creative expression Boundaries into agreements You’ll discover how to shine your light and overcome your fears as a woman entrepreneur (and grow incredible relationships along the way!) Katie is […]

Building a Brave Business with Remi Pearson and Sage Lavine

If you want to infuse your heart-based business with more.. 💙 Bravery 💙 Authenticity 💙 Confidence 💙 Fierce feminine energy 💙 Genuine support …then I’d love to introduce you to Remi Pearson, one of my dear friends and colleagues who is so real and authentic! Remi has changed the lives of over 11,000 coaches as […]

Transforming Grief to Grace with Rev. Jenn Cormier and Sage Lavine

Grief is particularly present on our planet today. I wasn’t sure whether to release a Monday Motivation training, as we’re all remembering the tragedy and significance of this day. But my dear friend and client Rev. Jenn Cormier – who is an incredible grief guide –  has skills to help us talk about grief & […]

How to Breathe Your Way to Business Success (with Ashana Solaris and Dana Dharma Devi)

Take a deep breath. We’re about to embark on a journey into the world of breathwork, so you can experience… 💙 Deep healing and transformation 💙 Breathing techniques to uplevel your career and mindset 💙 One of the fiercest feminine modalities available to you I am thrilled to introduce you to Ashanna Solaris and Dana […]

Fierce Feminine Connection with Lama Tsultrim Allione & Sage Lavine

I have an incredibly inspiring story to share with you today. 💙 If you’ve been feeling like leadership can leave you in the dark, Lama Tsulstrim’s story will warm your heart. She’s sharing the tools to help you to shift into a powerful flow of feminine power.  Lama Tsulstrim Allione is one of the fiercest […]

Sage Finds Love After 10 Years As a CEO! 

I’m in LOVE! 💛 After ten years as a CEO, I’ve found next level love with my incredible fiance, Drew. I’ve never felt more in love. …and I’ve never felt more on purpose. I’m frequently asked questions like: “How do you balance having a love life and leading a business?” “Do you have to make […]


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