Balance is Bullsh*t with Dr. Rachel Abrams and Sage Lavine

Are you honoring your body wisdom as a woman entrepreneur?

I’m so excited to introduce you to my doctor and dear friend, Dr. Rachel Abrams. She is a transformational powerhouse in the world of women’s health and integrative medicine.

She is a renowned doctor with degrees from both Stanford University and University of California. She published five amazing books and was also voted “Best Doctor” in Santa Cruz County.

After studying the world’s healing traditions, she started a new model of healthcare and optimal wellness called Transformational Medicine, which focuses on personal and community care, and physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual health.

And she’s here to guide us…

  • From external pressures to inner alignment,
  • From societal ‘shoulds’ to body wisdom,
  • From measuring yourself to embracing yourself

Plus, she’s explaining why the idea of “balance” is often bullsh*t.

Dive into this enriching conversation with a visionary who set the stage for women leaders!

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Being Pulled by Your Vision, Not Pushed by Expectations

Dr. Abrams reminds us that sometimes,  women tend to overdo it in many ways. It’s part of our cultural conditioning.

But there’s a big difference between being driven by what you think you need to do or by the need to care for everybody else… and being really powerfully pulled forward by your vision and your own body.

Have you ever felt that pull inside your body that really wants to deliver your transformational gift into the world? It’s the universe working through you.

Listening to the Wisdom of The Body

Your body holds an intelligence and language of its own – and it’s time we listened. Our bodies have a lot to tell us if we just concentrate enough.

Dr. Abrams speaks about the art of being aware of our bodies. She encourages us when to say “no”, even if it’s to something we think we love.

In making decisions, it’s not just about logic; it’s about seeking harmony between your aspirations and the deep wisdom your body houses.

That includes going beyond stereotypes, especially when weighed down by voices saying:

  • You need to do this
  • You need to meet this goal
  • It’s your job to fix this!

It’s time to rise above and listen to your own rhythm.

Embracing The Fierce Feminine

Every woman leader deserves a safe place where she can voice her truths without judgment. There’s a rising feminine energy, deeply connected to our planet.

Dr. Abrams beautifully illustrates this idea, portraying women as walking ecosystems – as rich gardens treading the Earth. In essence, we embody the Earth.

The challenge now? To embrace this powerful perspective and let it guide our paths. To recognize the intense interconnectedness and honor the Earth that exists within us.

To truly thrive, it’s essential to align with this emerging feminine – recognizing that as women, we’re not just part of the world, but a reflection of it.

As you move forward, remember to pause, listen, and align with the powerful ecosystem within. You are an embodiment of nature, a testament to the world’s beauty.

Discovering Dr. Rachel Abrams’ Story and Learnings

Dr. Rachel Abrams has gained so much strength and wisdom on her own personal journey with health and wellness – which includes motherhood, career growth, and some unexpected bedrest. Here are a few key lessons to keep in mind:

  • Balance isn’t always possible… even when you’re trying your best.
  • Know that the universe may take you on a journey with twists and turns.
  • Embrace the growth, the change, the ability to move on.
  • Keep learning.

If you’re struggling with balance, remember that sometimes…
Balance is bullsh*t. 

Remembering We’re All Uneven

It’s easy to get lost in our own thoughts and start looking at others. We start comparing journeys but you have to remember, we are all humans. Don’t compare yourself to others. Keep in mind as well that:

Even famous people are just people, who through luck or vision or by being driven by a higher purpose, got more attention about a particular subject. Being “famous” doesn’t mean anything.

Your worth is not quantifiable — your worth is not equivalent to any number, metrics, sales, followers, weight. No one can measure you.

Keep in mind that even the most prominent experts are also considered “toddlers” in other areas. It’s okay to not be the best in everything, no one is. Embrace YOU.

Remember that your business self is not ALL that you are. That’s only one side of you.

Trusting Yourself in the Face of Doubt

Do you really trust yourself?

Your mind could say one thing and your body would say otherwise. How will you know what your true self is whispering?

  • Listen to your body deeply
  • Trust and respect your intuition — something may look good on paper but your gut may tell you otherwise

Dr. Abrams also shared an exercise you can do to see what feels true to you. It’s called the Snow Exercise.

  • Think of something you love without condition, then
  • Tell yourself that you hate it
  • If you feel your chest tightening or head hurting, then it’s your body telling you “NO.”

Your body comes up with a way to GENUINELY distinguish what’s true to you and what isn’t. When you’re about to embark on something that doesn’t feel that way, pause, take an assessment, choose yourself. Meditate on the yes — what does it truly feel like?

Committing to Your Body Wisdom

This decade is the moment at which the rising feminine is going to need to turn the tide. This is going to take each one of us. We are all in one network, what each of us does, lifts everyone up — we are the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Learn more about body wisdom by staying connected with Dr. Rachel Abrams. Visit her website here.

This week, remember to stay true to yourself by listening to your body wisdom and making decisions that feel right for YOU.

Listen closely: Your body might just be telling you something you need to hear.

Remember, balance is bullsh*t.
Nobody can measure you.
You’re unstoppable.
Let the Earth and your body wisdom guide you.
Keep shining your light.

Let’s do this thing…together!


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