Our life-changing coaching programs are designed to help women across the globe rock business – the woman’s way. Sage Lavine and the Women Rocking Business team are inviting you to embrace your unique, feminine leadership style so you can grow your business, make more money and share your gift with the world.

Programs + Events

Women Rocking Business is here to transform your feminine leadership and support your business journey! Our events + programs are packed with Sage’s proven recipes for success, financial freedom and authentic, purpose-based business.

You have a gift inside you that’s ready to shine. We can help you unlock your business leadership potential and grow your business with our exclusive events, many of which are 3 days or less. You’ll experience your business breakthrough among a community of entrepreneurial women who are all rooting for YOU!

Year-Long Programs
Our year-long programs offer an immersive, mentorship-based learning experience to help you make the most of your one-of-a-kind business message. You’ll participate in group and one-on-one training sessions, attend our life-changing retreats and learn Sage’s signature formulas.

Home Study Courses
Sage’s home study courses give you access to proven formulas, exclusive training videos, interactive workbooks and more. At your own pace & at your own time, you can learn the easy-to-implement systems for growing your business.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

Year-long program

Who it’s for:
The purpose-driven entrepreneur who is ready to launch her movement, build her business and learn the art of making money

What you’ll discover:
When you enroll in this program, you’ll spend the year launching your dream business and bringing your unique gift to the world! You’ll learn how to…

  • Clarify your message & craft your offer – so you can find your ideal clients and define your unique gift to the world
  • Have a money breakthrough – set your rates, charge what you’re worth and give yourself a well-deserved raise
  • Master enrollment conversations – fall in love with your sales strategy and hear more “YES!”
  • Fill your practice – with paying clients who want to hire YOU (not just someone like you)
  • Develop valuable relationships – make your first hire, use affiliate and joint venture partners and grow your network of global entrepreneurial sisters

*Application only

Leverage Training Academy

Year-long program

Who it’s for:
The thriving entrepreneurial queen who is looking to take her business goals to the next level, earn six- or seven- figures of income and achieve mastery in the art of feminine sales

What you’ll discover:
Leverage Training Academy clients will spend the year growing a rockin’ online tribe and mastering game-changing business growth formulas with Sage and an intimate group of purpose-driven women leaders. You’ll learn how to…

  • Generate six- or seven- figure income and invite more resources into your business
  • Speak up & stand out online – feel confident & comfortable speaking to large audiences in any environment (including virtual!)
  • Grow your list quickly – with your ideal clients and the people who can most benefit from the gift you have to offer
  • Fill your workshops and retreats – with engaged, paying attendees who want to hire YOU and refer your services to others
  • Create freedom in your schedule – learn Sage’s signature freedom calendar for working 12 days a month (or less)
  • Hire team members – to grow your business while creating ease in your life and community

*Application only
*Previous client experience & list required

Women Rocking Business Live

3-Day Event (Currently virtual due to COVID-19)

Who it’s for:
The powerful feminine leader who craves a crash course in thriving leadership, income growth and building a purpose-based business online – all while networking with a global sisterhood of like-minded leaders

What you’ll discover:
At the Annual Women Rocking Business Live event, you’ll learn how to Rock Your Online Sales and find your ideal clients virtually!  You’ll network with a sisterhood of women entrepreneurs who will hold you to greatness + experience Sage’s signature teaching for growing a scalable business filled with passion and purpose. You’ll learn…

  • Three love-based blueprints to build six figure (and beyond) business collaboratively
  • Authentic feminine selling strategies that never feel scary or “salesy”
  • Proven formulas for enrolling clients and filling your programs
  • Message clarity mastery to define your business and craft your offer
  • Sage’s Money Action Plan (MAP) with done-for-you client enrollment systems
  • Money mindset to give yourself a raise and charge what you’re worth

Make Money With Your Message

Home Study Course

Who it’s for:
The amazing gift-sharing woman who wants to boost her online visibility, achieve message clarity and craft hot, magnetic offers for the people who could most benefit from their business offerings

What you’ll discover:
Make Money With Your Message is all about speaking up and standing out TODAY and hearing more “YES!” You’ll learn:

  • How to get crystal clear with your business message so endless clients will pay you
  • A heart-based method for identifying the group of people who most want what you have to offer
  • Sage’s 10-step system for creating marketing materials that convert your audience into paying clients
  • How to answer the question, “What do you do?” from an authentic place of inner alignment that makes people excited to hire you
  • The formula for identifying and committing to your unique niche as demonstrated by Sage Lavine + expert guest teachers.

Feminine Enrollment Mastery Training Course

Home Study Course

Who it’s for:
The “YES”-ready entrepreneurial beauty who is ready to rewrite her money story, earn amazing income and work fewer days per month

What you’ll discover:
This highly-acclaimed training course will give you the essential teachings to boost your income exponentially while mastering balance in your business in life. You’ll learn…

  • How to create a potential client funnel – so your clients can find and hire YOU
  • Your unique marketable program – to enroll clients long-term and drive recurring revenue
  • The formula for setting your rates – so you can stand in your value and charged what you’re worth
  • Sage’s financial freedom calendar – allowing you to work 12 days a month (or less) while still leading a growing, thriving business
  • How to make the most out of your events and speaking engagements

Telesummit Training 2.0

Home Study Course

Who it’s for:
The entrepreneurial goddess looking to launch her movement online, establish authenticity and expertise and grow her online mailing strategy

What you’ll discover:
Telesummit Training 2.0 is all about helping your clients find YOU, fine tuning your online marketing strategy and building an ever-growing marketing list. You’ll learn…

  • How to grow your list by the thousands and share your message to more people in your ideal audience
  • The hottest hacks for speaking to inspire & convert the people who need your gift the most
  • The proven method for transforming your Telesummit training into an actionable launch plan designed to sell over & over again
  • How to position yourself as an expert in your industry & specific niche
  • Attract speaking engagements from around the world

What folks are saying…

Sage’s entrepreneurial plans and tools help women navigate the sometimes tricky waters of building a business while keeping their hearts and spirits intact and aligned. Since working with Sage, I’ve added 100,000 people to my list and brought in about $3.5 million in revenue. Sage is the real deal and will support any woman with a burning mission to take the magical carpet ride of success… the woman’s way.

Susan Peirce Thompson
Susan Peirce Thompson Bright Line Eating

Sage Lavine is pioneering the women’s business movement, making a compelling case for bringing feminine values of sustainability, generosity, spiritual fulfillment, and social and environmental awareness into the business realm as a way of creating entrepreneurial ventures that are both lucrative and aligned with the balance humanity is longing for and in need of.

Susan Peirce Thompson
Marci Shimoff Bestselling Author

Sage is the ultimate leader of women entrepreneurs. Her heart is completely dedicated to her clients, students, and readers. She brings a pure and committed love to the templates, systems, and structures she creates for women who are ready to build a thriving business. More importantly, she believes in women’s fundamental greatness. As you read this book, you’ll feel her belief in you so strongly that you won’t be able to help but believe in yourself, too.

Susan Peirce Thompson
Lynne Twist Bestselling Author

I send my clients to Sage because she’s helping to redefine the very nature of business. She’s facilitated tens of thousands of women in transforming their lives and building vibrant businesses that align with their values. Now, she’s here to help you. With clarity, vulnerability, and practical strategies that are tested and proven, Sage will walk you down the path to building the life you deserve.

Susan Peirce Thompson
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