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Sage Lavine

Sage Lavine is a highly sought after speaker & trainer who stands for all humans living their mission at this important moment in history. She’s the #1 Best Selling Author of Hay House book, Women Rocking Business, and the CEO of Women Rocking Business Training Company reaching over 500,000 women entrepreneurs around the globe. Sage has developed a proven system to launch speakers and has successfully launched thousands of speakers, messengers, thought leaders, coaches & healers into successful 6- and 7- figure businesses, that make a difference in the world.

Women Rocking Business

Sage has spoken alongside Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, and many more. Sage believes in entrepreneurship as a way to close the pay gap for women, and create world change. Women Rocking Business has raised over a million dollars for women's humanitarian projects around the globe, girls in third world countries and to pull plastics out of the ocean.

Former Stages Include:

  • TedX Stage & Hay House Toronto Annual Conference
  • Microsoft, Apple, NPR, Fox News
  • Mindshare Conference JJ Virgin, San Diego
  • Liberia Educators & Women’s Conference, Africa Big Vision
  • Business Conference, Los Angeles, CA
  • The SHIFT Network’s Evolutionary Business Summit Emerging Women Conference, Denver, CO
  • LaunchCon with Jeff Walker, Los Angeles, CA

Presentation Topics:

  • Your Life: A PhD Program for Your Business
    Discover how to craft stories to tell from stage and on video that create a values alignment with your ideal customers, grow your business, and help you scale quickly as you increase your impact and income. (Experiential component included)
  • Make Money with your Message/
    Millionaire Mystic

    Why living your purpose matters more than ever, with the world rapidly changing & AI on the rise. Discover how this schoolteacher from the midwest became a multi 7-figure speaker, trainer & philanthropist in just a few years using spiritual and elemental principles, and how you can make money living your mission too.
  • Crafting a 7-Figure Story
    Content tells but stories sell!... In an ever- changing digital climate, your story is more important than ever. Learn the framework to tell your story to create incredible impact and freedom. The world needs your story.
  • Authentic Selling in a New Era
    The time of robotic sales is over. With the Rise of AI & the transformation on the planet, it’s become more important than ever to learn the art of AUTHENTIC SALES. Learn this 4-step authentic sales process that will change the way you do business and create a waitlist of clients & customers.

Sage is the ultimate leader of women entrepreneurs.

Her heart is completely dedicated to her clients, students, and readers. She brings a pure and committed love to the templates, systems, and structures she creates for women who are ready to build a thriving business. Most importantly, she believes in women’s fundamental greatness.

Lynne Twist,

Bestselling Author

Sage is brilliant at supporting women speakers & messengers.

She helps women entrepreneurs get their gifts effectively OUT into the world at a time when the world SO needs us. Thank you Sage for being a bold stand for changing the way the world does business!

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols

CEO of Motivating the Masses

Sage Lavine is pioneering the women’s business movement.

She is making a compelling case for bringing feminine values of sustainability, generosity, spiritual fulfillment, and social and environmental awareness into the business realm as a way of creating entrepreneurial ventures that are both lucrative and aligned with the balance humanity is longing for and in need of.

Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff

Bestselling Author

Sage is helping to redefine the very nature of business.

She’s facilitated tens of thousands of women in transforming their lives and building vibrant businesses that align with their values. Now, she’s here to help you. With clarity, vulnerability, and practical strategies that are tested and proven, Sage will walk you down the path to building the life you deserve.

Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins,

Food Revolution Network

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