Building a Feminine Thought Leader Business with Claire Zammit

Are you called to be a thought leader?

My conversation with Claire Zammit points to one very key trait that all thought leaders have in common.

In today’s Monday Motivation, I’m sharing an interview with Claire – who’s regarded as the world’s leading expert in coaching women – to talk about her process for reaching millions of women with a message that’s as original as it is impactful.

What does it take to be a thought leader?

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Now, let’s dive in!

Tip #1:Become a passionate learner. 

You might think you need to be an expert before you can be a thought leader.

But the truth is you don’t need to have all of the answers and have everything figured out. You just have to be passionately curious and live deeply inside of your topic.

Tip #2: Show up in a deeper way. 

The key to having a transformational impact and getting visible is to understand what’s happening for women and how you can show up in a different way that’s going to meet their deeper needs.

Tip #3: Bringing your unique energy and genius and life experience is just as important as the message that you have to share.

Other women leaders aren’t your competition. You have a unique essence and energy that only you can bring – that’s your superpower! Start by cultivating who you are, and then from there your ability to create connection, solve problems, mirror, amplify, and empower will evolve.

It is such a relief to not think we’re competing with every other person that does something similar to us, because there are people out there who actually need to hear the message through your essence, through your life, your challenges, your life as a PhD program, preparing you for this moment.

Start by cultivating who you are and then from there your ability to create connection and relationship, bring awareness, solve problems, mirror, amplify, empower. All of that happens in the field of your presence and your relationship.

If you feel called to be a thought leader, what I absolutely know is that you can do this. You don’t need to know what your message is in advance. That’s something that grows through the process of discovering who you are.

As a speaker, you are there to shine your light, to connect and create a space for women to learn and grow and rise together. That’s what we’re here for, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Let’s do this thing… together.


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