Transforming Grief to Grace with Rev. Jenn Cormier and Sage Lavine

Grief is particularly present on our planet today.

I wasn’t sure whether to release a Monday Motivation training, as we’re all remembering the tragedy and significance of this day.

But my dear friend and client Rev. Jenn Cormier – who is an incredible grief guide –  has skills to help us talk about grief & process the difficult times in a safe container of sisterhood.

So today I’m releasing an in-depth interview with Jenn, where we’ll dive into the journey of grief and unwrap layers of personal transformation waiting underneath.

No matter what type of grief you’re carrying with you today, you’ll get the tools to:

💙 Explore your spiritual path and find deeper connection
💙 Connect with your self-expression as a form of healing
💙 Open your heart to a new chapter in your life and business

Take a long, deep, soul-healing breath…and let’s dive in.

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I hope this session serves any of you who are walking through big loss as you’re also growing your leadership in this world.

Keep shining your light.
Keep following your “why.”
Keep opening your heart.


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