Transforming Fear into Presence with Katie Hendricks and Sage Lavine

Is fear holding you back as you’re growing your business?

My dear friend Katie Hendricks can show you how to shift…

  • Fear into presence
  • Anger into creative expression
  • Boundaries into agreements

You’ll discover how to shine your light and overcome your fears as a woman entrepreneur (and grow incredible relationships along the way!)

Katie is an evolutionary catalyst, contextual disruptor, best-selling author, and a freelance mentor who has pioneered the realms of body intelligence and conscious loving for an awe-inspiring half-century.

This is one of my favorite interviews, and I’m so excited for you to dive in!

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#1. Defining Your Leadership

Leadership is not confined to traditional paradigms. 

It extends beyond the boundaries of connection and collaboration, reaching deep into the heart of recognizing and nurturing the genius that resides within other women.

As women leaders, it’s important for us to:

  • Challenge traditional views of feminine leadership
  • Clearly express ourselves (even in moments of disagreement)
  • Create genuine connections (with our clients, colleagues, and community)

Take some time to ask yourself a few questions to connect with your leadership, like:

How does it feel when you make yourself smaller?
How does it feel when you wait to say something?
How do you feel when you take up space?

Describe to yourself what you’re feeling so you can navigate the feelings and fears that arise on your leadership journey.

#2. Overcoming Your Fears

Katie teaches us about how to love with a “spine.” This is the idea that women can both love and assert themselves without having to choose one or the other.

Creating unwavering strength involves…

  • Embracing your fear
  • Identifying your signature fear
  • Shifting from fear to presence in the very moment it arise

Katie’s husband Gay Hendricks teaches us that there are four common fears to confront in order to avoid self-sabotage.

From this place of presence, you can embark on the profound journey of inventing yourself from the inside out, rather than reacting to external influences or conforming to societal expectations.

Katie’s wisdom extends to identifying anger – a powerful emotion often misunderstood. Many people mistake women seeking genuine resolution for “fighting back,” missing the transformative potential that arises from authentic contact with their true emotions.

She firmly believes that if women could wholeheartedly embrace their anger, the world could transform quickly.

#3. The Key to Creativity

Suppressing anger is one of the biggest blocks of creativity.

But anger is fueled by passion that can actually fuel our business success, like:

  • Desire for positive change and innovation
  • Commitment to your purpose
  • Solutions for problems

You can acknowledge and harness this energy to make an impact in the lives of your ideal clients, improve relationships with your colleagues, and change the world for the better.

Katie emphasized the importance of expressing your feelings openly to have emotional freedom and clarity.

#4. Agreements Over Boundaries

She advocates for agreements instead of boundaries and encourages using your energy for:

  • Expressing
  • Connecting, and;
  • Collaborating

Katie also models being present with herself, highlighting the significance of opening up to allow yourself. It’s also important to reconnect instead of disconnect in your relationships.

When navigating personal and professional relationships, remember to slow down and give the other person the chance to reconnect, rather than cutting off a relationship abruptly.

Maintaining genuine connection with yourself and nurturing your relationships can help create a sense of safety, where you and those around you can continue to grow.

Having a genuine interest in other women helps you appreciate them as evolving works of art—something that helps you track, appreciate, and support their growth.

She emphasized having a “power with” mindset rather than the “power over” in our businesses. She believed that by doing so, we can uplift our community of women leaders.

We should also be careful not to belittle ourselves as this indicates self-contempt, which is why it’s important to:

  • Identify where it came from
  • What was learned
  • The payoff, and;
  • What positive alternatives exist when befriending your fear.

Women often fear offending others or not knowing what to say when conflicts arise, which leads them to resist:

  • Their own leadership
  • Going bigger
  • Getting louder, and;
  • Becoming more visible.

But remember, you have tools to be a collaborative leader who uplifts other women leaders.

We are the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Learn more about how to overcome your fears and express your genius by staying connected with Katie.

Visit her Foundation for Conscious Loving website.
Explore the Hendricks Institute here. 
Follow the Foundation for Conscious Loving Facebook page. 

This week, remember to open up to your fears about receiving… so you can open the door for others to support you in sharing your particular genius.

You are unique.
You are an evolving work of art.
You are worth celebrating every day.

You got this!

Let’s do this thing…together!


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