Claim Your Genius Zone with Gay Hendricks and Sage Lavine

Want to spend more time in your zone of genius?

If so, you’re going to love this interview with Gay Hendricks. He’s a leader in the fields of relationship and body mind transformation with 45+ years experience. He has created absolutely amazing results with his gift, like…

  • Writing over 40 books, including his latest book The Genius Zone
  • Appearing on over 500 radio and television shows
  • Transforming the lives of people all over the world

In this interview, Gay is teaching you how to…

💙 Spend more time in your zone of GENIUS
💙 Get VISIBLE with your message
💙 Overcome your fear and SHINE your brightest

…especially during times of uncertainty on the planet.

If you want to make an incredible impact with your gift, check out the video, podcast episode, and article below. 

^^^Watch “Claim Your Genius Zone with Gay Hendricks and Sage Lavine” Now^^^

Here are a few of my favorite takeaways from Gay’s training.

Define Your Genius Zone.

You’re in your genius zone when you’re doing what you most love to do. Start by identifying what you’re most passionate about and keep track of how much time you spend engaged with these tasks in your daily life. 

Remember, claiming your genius zone is a journey. It took Gay years to go from spending 10% of the day to 100% of the day in his genius zone.

This is so important for heart-centered entrepreneurs who know their “genius” involves making an impact and transforming lives!

Recognize the Upper Limit Problem.

When things are going great in your life, you may have the tendency to self sabotage. This is driven by fear, which often fall into these four categories:

  • Fear of outshining. Gay’s wife Katie calls this the “too much” problem. Don’t be afraid to be everything that you are. 
  • Fear of being fundamentally flawed. You may feel there is something wrong with you. Remember you are exactly who you are supposed to be. 
  • Fear of leaving others behind. You’re worried your growth will cause you to be disloyal or distant to the people in your life. 
  • Fear of burden. Likely based on a story you may have in your head, you’re fearful that success will create burden and overwhelm in your life.

“Worry thoughts” are an upper limit problem. You start obsessing over something you have no control over. These thoughts aren’t useful… they just bum you out. 

If you can relate, acknowledge your fear. Give it a name. Don’t let it ruin you.
Take a few deep breaths and return back to your more positive frame of mind. 

If you find yourself facing the upper limit problem, focus on cultivating your flow of positive energy and working on your relationships with other people. 

Question Your Resistance.

If you’re feeling resistance in taking the next step in your life or business, ask yourself, “What am I trying to express that is so important that fear is coming up?”

Take time to dig deeper and look within yourself for the answers. 

Shine Your Brightest.

It’s your responsibility to go all the way with your genius and it’s no one’s business how they react to it! Shine brightly and don’t hold back from your genius zone.

Comment below:
How much time did you spend today in your “genius zone” doing what you really love to do?

If you want to keep learning with Gay and Katie Hendricks, go to

Now get out there and claim your genius zone, rockstar!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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2 months ago

I love this message! It’s such a lovely and gentle reminder to take a close look at how we spend our time and energy, and specifically how often we spend time in our genius zone.

It seems to me that the best way to ensure we can carve out time to be in our genius zone is to schedule it as a daily playdate with ourselves.

I’m inspired by this wonderful interview and determined to be more deliberate about carving out that special, sparkly time for myself… 🙂 <3

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