Cure for Cancel Culture with Sam Horn and Sage Lavine

Do you ever fear “cancel culture”… and getting criticized or even canceled for sharing your truth online as you’re out there getting visible?

Building a message based business puts you in the fire… repeatedly.

💙 Learn to speak confidently, so you can stop fearing “cancel culture”
💙 Stop getting triggered and start pausing (this saves you time in the long run!)
💙 Share intentions that come from the heart, so all your relationships improve.

Then I’d like to introduce you to my good friend Sam Horn.

Sam is a best-selling author and the founder and CEO of Intrigue Agency, where she helps people create respectful, collaborative, compelling and one-of-a-kind communications and projects that scale their income and their influence for the good.

Dive into today’s episode to discover the cure for cancel culture and the art of expressing your thoughts from the heart.

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Discovering Sam’s Story

Sam’s journey started with her mom and dad and all their years of hurt. Sam grew up suffering in silence, not uttering a word despite things going wrong around her.

The experience went on when she had a relationship with a bully who’d do his best to knock her down so he’d feel taller.

Over time, she learned that there has to be a better way than waiting for things to get better or trying to be “conflict averse.”

These experiences inspired the idea for her book Talking on Eggshells.

Did you ever feel no one was there to give you advice on navigating through an emotional maze?

A lot of women in their thirties to sixties have those “traditional” parents, right?

Expressing Yourself from the Heart

Sam explains how to react based on what you wish for… rather than what emotion urges you to do.

Next time you feel compelled to react from a place of anger or frustration in your business, ask yourself questions like:

  • ”What if I were on the other side?”
  • “What if I was bound to those rules?”
  • “What if I’m doing something with all the best intentions but met with ill intent?”

Ask yourself these questions and take a moment of clarity, and you’ll find it’s much easier to move from impatience to empathy, and from contempt to compassion.

“How would I feel?” It’s a four-word question that can turn moments of anger into hints of clarity.

Remember, it’s natural to be defensive or triggered in the face of frustration — that’s why it’s even MORE important to take a step further, recognize this natural emotional state, and seek clarity.

Fire is fought with water, not fire.

Transforming Storms into Peace

In the world of business, there may be moments where it’s tempting to let people “pull you into their storms” – resulting in emotional turmoil for you.

But remember: Don’t let people pull you into their storms.

Instead, pull them into your peace.

Easier said than done, right? It can be easy to lose yourself in the heat of the moment.

Staying calm takes a lot of strength, but YOU can do it!

Practicing Positive Reinforcement

Do you find yourself expressing what you want bluntly, even at the cost of possibly offending others?

Here’s a mindset shift:
What if you exert more effort into reinforcing statements positively?

Here’s an example:

  • Instead of saying “you put too much information on your slides,” say “please use up to 10 words.
  • Instead of “Stop yelling at me!” say “speak to me with respect.”

Your words set the tone for the conversation (and the relationship), so try to infuse positivity into your response rather than just speaking from the tip of your tongue.

Take a moment to pause.
Think really hard.
And ask what you wish for.

…so you can respond with pure intentions and speak words that will genuinely help (and not hurt).

Building Your Confidence

Building your business is a path to your freedom – your spiritual freedom. This is the work you are asked to do in leadership when you’re standing in the fire.

That’s why it’s important for you to rise above obstacles like nervousness when going into negotiations or presentations.

Here are some of the tips from Sam:

  • Confidence: remember that it starts the first 60 seconds
  • Clarification: seek to understand the root of what the other person is saying
  • Communication: express yourself positively instead of negatively

The first 60 seconds are crucial in grabbing your audience’s attention, creating interest in your topic, and making it relatable.

Instead of starting with your pitch or idea, begin with a relevant example that people can relate to – something that will raise their eyebrows to lead them to that idea you want to convey.

Remembering The Purpose of Life and Business

According to renowned painter Pablo Picasso “The purpose of life is to find your gifts. The meaning is to give them away.”

You have a gift.
You have a story to tell.
Your business has an important purpose.

Once you start sharing your gifts, you take on the responsibility of changing lives and making an impact in the world… while also giving your life greater meaning.

Express yourself from the heart.
Transform storms into peace.
Practice positive reinforcement.
Grow your confidence.
Remember your “why.”

If you love how Sam helped you stay in touch with your gentler-self and strengthen bridges, you can follow her by checking out her website.

Let’s do this thing…together!


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