Dial in Your Client Attracting Talk

If you want to grow a thriving business (both online and live), it’s so important that you… Dial in your client-attracting talk. The secret to creating a CLIENT ATTRACTING signature talk is to set the CONTEXT for learning…not just the content. Here’s why: Context matters 10x more than content. That’s because content is considered a […]

From School Teacher to Multi Millionaire Speaker with Lisa Nichols

You can create a totally new life… and business… in less time than you think. Sister… Your Dream is waiting for you. The challenge you’re facing now is the stepping stone to your vision. This week, I’ll be sharing an interview I had with the wonderful Lisa Nichols. She met me at my lowest of […]

Six Figures from Speaking In 2024

What’s the fastest way in 2024 to grow a six-figure message-based business? It’s speaking! Think about it: the most well-paid people in the world are speakers! (Think of Oprah.) That’s why – this week – we’re diving headfirst into the profitable world of speaking to grow your business. It’s the express lane to a six-figure […]

5 Steps to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking

Do you have a fear of speaking? 🫢 If you’re nervous to speak on stage or on camera, try doing these 5 things to make it feel… 💙 Easy 💙 Authentic 💙Engaging Check out my 5 tips + comment below and let me know which one resonates with you the most!  ^^^Watch “5 Steps […]

6 Tips to Rock Hybrid Events (Virtual & In-Person)

As the planet is slowly returning to in-person gatherings, there’s a new event format that’s paving the future for LIVE speakers… HYBRID events. HYBRID refers to an event in which you’re leading both online participants (who we call “Zoomers”) and in-person participants (who we call “roomers”) through a transformative experience.  Women Rocking Business just led […]

3 Hot Speaking Tips for a Profitable 2023

It’s 2023! This year is slated to be a breakout year for… 💛 Visionaries 💛 Mentors 💛 Healers 💛 Guides 💛 Holistic Practitioners Pop a “yes” in the comments if this is YOU and you’re ready to claim your most profitable business year yet.  Here’s the reason why this year is going to be so […]

5 Hot Tips to Launch a Successful Podcast

I’m kicking off today’s training with an exciting announcement… Season 4 of the Women Rocking Business Podcast launches NEXT WEEK. ✨ You’re going to love this season, sister. The theme is 7-Figure Impact, and each episode will give you the tools to: 💛Scale your heart-based business 💛Transform lives & reach more people 💛Make a bigger […]

5 Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

Have you ever had a case of stage fright? 🎃 I’m sharing 5 quick tips to help you feel alive and vibrant (and way less scared) from the stage. Watch the video and read the article below.  ^^^Watch “5 Tips to Overcome Stage Fright” Now^^^ #1. Remember Nervousness Makes You Human If you feel […]

Speak to Sell: 10 Quick Tips

Hello women speakers! Pop a “yes” in the comments below if you want to… Grow your speaking-based businesses Change more lives from the stage Speak to SELL I’m sharing 10 of my favorite quick tips to put together a talk that creates transformation & attracts high-paying clients.  Check out the tips below.  ^^^Watch “Speak […]

Highlights from My Best-Selling Book (Interview with Glory St. Germain)

Today we’re taking a deep-dive into the highlights of my best-selling Hay House Book, Women Rocking Business, the ultimate 12-step entrepreneurial guide to creating a thriving life.  I’m being interviewed by Glory St. Germain, one of my incredible clients who has read Women Rocking Business cover to cover and used these tools to skyrocket her […]

How to Position Your Talk & Share Your Story

Today’s training is all about giving you quick & easy tips to… ✔️ Position your talk & message ✔️ Tell your story from the stage ✔️ Create a simple outline for your speaking engagement I’m sharing a coaching video from my recent Rock the Stage Challenge, where we supported thousands of women to position their […]

Strengthen the Super-Shero Within You

WOW! The past few weeks have been totally amazing. Over 11,000 women said “yes” to being speaker super-sheroes at my Rock the Stage Challenge.  We experienced huge breakthroughs. We created an incredible container of support, sisterhood, and feedback. We took action and created so much online visibility for our heart-centered businesses.  These women are already […]


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