NEW Season 6 Episode Stage Confidence

Hey Rockstar!

Let’s debunk the myth that confidence comes from experience. (If that were the case, you might have to wait years to feel comfortable in front of an audience–and I know you don’t have time for that!)

It’s not how long you’ve been in business.
It’s not how many clients you’ve worked with.
It’s not whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

In this episode I share how I got past my fear with a simple mindset shift that completely changed how I felt speaking to a crowd…so I could grow my business faster & have more fun doing it!

^^^Watch “How to Build Speaker Confidence”^^^

This confidence training will teach you:

  • What to do when unworthiness, insecurities, or imposter syndrome come in and try to steal your confidence
  • What a Hawaiian elder said that rocked me to my core and gave me the confidence to speak
  • The counterintuitive trick to become more confident
  • What YOU, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa have in common
  • The simple mindset hack to instantly get comfortable sharing your message with an audience

Here’s what we covered…

Tip #1: Just because we learn to sell and offer our services doesn’t mean that we step away from our innate spirituality or our deepest connection to our sacred gifts. You are fulfilling your sacred mission with your business, just like a school teacher fulfills their mission by teaching, or a minister fulfills their mission by delivering sermons.

Tip #2: When unworthiness, insecurities, or imposter syndrome come in and try to steal your confidence…use it to serve a purpose. If you didn’t have those butterflies or that nervous feeling, you might not take it very seriously. And that is not what we want to have happen. When you feel fear, it connects you to your heart. And when you’re connected to your heart, you can connect with other people’s hearts.

Tip #3: Let fear keep you humble, but don’t let it take the wheel. Gently scoop up fear. Put it in the passenger seat and let it know that it doesn’t get to make decisions here. You have a message to bring. You are being called into leadership and all you need to do is allow your commitment to be even one degree bigger than your fear.

Tip #4: Authenticity can help you not just build that confidence, but step out of the need to even have confidence in the first place. People don’t want perfectly manufactured thought leaders who have all the perfect answers. Your most powerful way of being in the face of the AI revolution is being you, being imperfect, quirky, being the channel for your message.

Tip #5: We become confident speakers when we stop caring about whether we’re confident or not. We start caring more about whether the person on the receiving end of our message is getting a transmission. Are they growing? Are they inspired? Are they healing? As you have people reflect what they got from you, your confidence is going to go up.

Tip #6: Remember – you are needed to share your story right now. You are the hands and the heart of the divine, here to give a message to others who need it the most.

Your message is worth sharing.
You can overcome your fear.
Your work & gifts are needed on this planet.

Your clients are waiting for you!

Let’s do this thing…together.


P.S. A final tip: Join a network of women who speak this language. The Sisterhood group is an active community of women business owners who will have your back as you get your message out. Jump in the group and ask a question. These sisters are here for you!

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