8 STEPS to an EPIC 2024

Hi, Gorgeous! 2024 is on the horizon. But does the thought of a New Year’s resolution scare you? Check out my 8 steps to set and reach your 2024 goals – the feminine way! This process will get you attuned and aligned with what you want and make 2024 the best, loudest, most impactful year […]

3 Tips to Rock Your Spiritual Sales

Hello beauty! If you’re wondering how to bring your spirituality into your sales conversations… Check out my 3 tips to rock your spiritual sales. I’m sharing simple strategies that are leveraged by highly skilled and successful saleswomen around the planet, so you can… 💛 Enroll more clients 💛 Create more alignment in what you’re offering […]

From School Teacher to Multi Millionaire Speaker with Lisa Nichols

You can create a totally new life… and business… in less time than you think. Sister… Your Dream is waiting for you. The challenge you’re facing now is the stepping stone to your vision. This week, I’ll be sharing an interview I had with the wonderful Lisa Nichols. She met me at my lowest of […]

Giving and Getting in Business

I love the idea of partnering businesses with humanitarian causes. When you give back, you can: Create good will in your community Infuse philanthropy into your brand Make a bigger impact on this planet Today I’m sharing my tips for both giving AND getting in business – no matter where you’re at in building your […]

Balance is Bullsh*t with Dr. Rachel Abrams and Sage Lavine

Are you honoring your body wisdom as a woman entrepreneur? I’m so excited to introduce you to my doctor and dear friend, Dr. Rachel Abrams. She is a transformational powerhouse in the world of women’s health and integrative medicine. She is a renowned doctor with degrees from both Stanford University and University of California. She […]

Fierce Feminine Connection with Lama Tsultrim Allione & Sage Lavine

I have an incredibly inspiring story to share with you today. 💙 If you’ve been feeling like leadership can leave you in the dark, Lama Tsulstrim’s story will warm your heart. She’s sharing the tools to help you to shift into a powerful flow of feminine power.  Lama Tsulstrim Allione is one of the fiercest […]

3 Keys to Launch Your Message (Women Rocking Business Podcast Season 5 is Here!)

I just launched season 5 of my Women Rocking Business Podcast! This season has a hot new theme for women entrepreneurs… 🔥 The Fierce Feminine in Business 🔥  If you resonate with the women’s way of doing business, I invite you to tune in every week and discover… 💙 How to leverage your feminine gifts […]

Sage Finds Love After 10 Years As a CEO! 

I’m in LOVE! 💛 After ten years as a CEO, I’ve found next level love with my incredible fiance, Drew. I’ve never felt more in love. …and I’ve never felt more on purpose. I’m frequently asked questions like: “How do you balance having a love life and leading a business?” “Do you have to make […]

How to Create Financial Freedom with Penelope Jane Smith and Sage Lavine

Let’s talk about MONEY. I’m sharing a super-hot training around making money and growing money… so you can build your entrepreneurial queendom with more wealth and ease. In this interview with financial freedom expert Penelope Jane Smith, you’ll discover… How to get started investing (even if you’re a total beginner) The mindset of growing long-term […]

Embody Bliss for Feminine Success with Emily Fletcher & Sage Lavine

Feeling stressed or mentally overwhelmed lately? My dear friend & meditation expert Emily Fletcher has the fix, and it will have you feeling… Blissful in business Full body alignment with your decisions An abundance of creative energy Emily is the founder of Ziva Meditation and best-selling author of Stress Less, Accomplish More.  She’s been featured […]

How to Rock Love & Business as a Female CEO

Some of you know I met my soulmate last year after 10 years of waiting & searching using many of the same principles that my amazing colleague & client, Junie Moon teaches.  Drew & I are engaged and I’ve never been happier.  If you are wanting to… Ensure any bad CEO habits of control or […]

How to Sell $10K+ Packages with Integrity

Attention: women entrepreneurs who want to… Change more lives Earn more income Create more impact This training is for you. I’m sharing three quick tips to sell high-ticket programs (including $10,000 packages) so you can create even more transformation on this planet. So listen, watch, or read below to learn how to sell these programs […]


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