3 Steps to Master the Breakdown to Breakthrough

Let’s get real… We all have moments of breakdown. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. (Even – and especially – me!) Whether it’s a health, relationship, business, money or communication breakdown, we all have them. However, often as leaders, we make the mistake of judging ourselves for having a breakdown and thinking we can’t possibly lead… […]

My TedX Talk Birthing Pains

Sister, what do you do when you’re moving towards a result that you really want, and things just aren’t working out? Do you pull back? Do you take it as a sign from the Universe that you’re not supposed to be doing it? I had all kinds of challenges arise for me around my TedX […]

Work Hard Play Hard

As you ramp up your leadership… As you ramp up your visibility… The intensity of being a purpose-driven entrepreneur ramps up! So what do you do to make it worth all that intensity? What do you do to stay in sustainable action? What do you do to overcome resistance that might arise? I’ve got two […]

Oprah gave her 1.5 million… My new friend

I recently spoke at the Emerging Women conference. I’ll be honest I was excited but a little burned out from the book launch, and exhausted from some of the emotional strain I’ve felt from wildfires and loved ones struggling… When I walked into the green room after getting off stage the second day, quite frankly […]

EEEEEK!!! Chapter 1 Of my NEW BOOK

I’ll be honest – I can’t believe this is happening. I didn’t think I’d be publishing a book this early in my career. Let alone a Hay House book. I’m excited. I’m thrilled. I’m TERRIFIED. What do I do when I hit the terror of going bigger? I turn toward my mission. You, like me, […]

Birthing Pains of my BOOK

I just opened up the box of books. EEEEK!! To hold my very first book in my hands is both exciting and TERRIFYING. Then, I had to get on a plane and fly to Colorado to meet my masterminding partners (half are whom best-selling authors already) – Ok, the truth is that I got caught […]

Have you seen Wonder Woman?

Did you know the last time a Superhero movie was made about a woman was 13 years ago … it was Cat Woman… I think it’s time for the SUPER-SHEROS to take a stand for our own super-powers… wouldn’t you agree? And OMG did you know that the icon of Wonder Woman was actually invited […]

(Video) Bhagavad Gita Biz Lessons

Have you ever noticed that highly successful, high achieving people tend to be less stressed out? There’s a calmness about them. I was just at a mastermind with my dear friend Shanda in San Diego, and we were noticing this about all the 7-figure earners in the room. Secret confession: I was a little more […]

(Video) Making Offers from Stage? Scary!!

Last month I made an offer from stage for a $10,000 program… whenever I do that I get shaky in my shoes. (Literally!) You’ll NEVER believe what happened. We opened up the conversation with 400 women in attendance, to share how they responded to the offer. We had truth telling in the room, breakthroughs happening… […]

(Video) Take Flex Fridays – From Pinnacles

You are the only one who can protect your time. It’s way too easy to get bogged down in work when you’re an entrepreneur. Your work life will BLEED into your personal life if you don’t prioritize your adventures, your play time and your Flexible Fridays! Here’s how to take Flex Time on Fridays… You […]

5 Life-Saving Strategies For Managing Pre-Event Jitters

Your event is in a few days. You’ve got the pre-event jitters big time! You’re not sure if you’re going to melt down, explode or both. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, Goddess. You’re not alone. I’ve SO been there!! And truth be told, I still get the pre-event jitters. The energy before a live event, whether […]

Confession: I was SO jealous…

Have you ever felt jealousy because something awesome happened for a friend in their business? My dear friend and colleague Sharla Jacobs and I hung out last weekend and made this impromptu video to share a story about our jealousy toward each other…and what happened when we admitted it. I hope this serves you to […]

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