Navigating the Push-Pull Relationship with Your Business

Happy Monday, beautiful entrepreneurial sister! I just wrapped up an 18-mile backpacking hike in Big Sur, California. I pushed myself to hike the long trek with the weight of my pack on my shoulder. I pulled myself to complete the hike because it’s a reward trip that I’ve been looking forward to for a long […]

How to Sell Transformational Work

Happy Monday, Rockstar! As women entrepreneurs, many of us are offering deeply transformational work that aims to change lives on this planet.  I’m answering your frequently asked questions about selling transformation, so you can get out there and make an even bigger difference.  ^^^Watch my “How to Sell Transformational Work” Video^^^ Can I sell deep […]

Women Are Needed Right Now

There is a LOT happening on the planet… …and women are needed RIGHT NOW. We’re bringing the heart-based solutions and life-changing transformations that the planet is desperately asking for right now. So how do we make a bigger impact? We make the choice to fall in love with our… ✔️ Leadership ✔️ Business ✔️ Sales […]

How I Created a Community of 50,000 Women Entrepreneurs

Woo Hoo! Our Women Rocking Business Sisterhood private Facebook group just reached 50,000 members! I am so excited to see our community thriving with purpose-driven women entrepreneurs. We truly are the rising tide that lifts all boats! In this week’s Monday Motivation training, I’m teaching YOU how to grow your Facebook group with tips & […]

How to Create a Culture That Grows Your Business

Your business CULTURE is a huge component of creating a business that you want to wake up to every day.  Whether your business is big or small, nurturing a positive culture is the key to building a business that grows for you.  I’m teaching you how to create a business culture that will… Bring you […]

How to Attract Clients with the 4 Speaker Superpowers

Women entrepreneurs are a powerful force on this planet. In fact, women entrepreneurs are actually superheroes. We all have 4 incredible superpowers within us… Visionary Motivator Truth teller Nurturer Today, we’re going to talk about these 4 archetypes so you can discover which one best represents YOU. Plus, I’m inviting you to embrace all 4 […]

3 Steps to Ride the Contribution Dragon in Business

Hello Beauty! We’re here to talk about the fire-breathing dragon in your business… …the one that makes you feel like you’ll get eaten up & burned out if you don’t give 100% of yourself to biz and work constantly.  I’m teaching you how to RIDE the dragon – not slay it – so you can… […]

5 Ways to Master Your Time Management

Let’s talk about the concept of TIME. Many women entrepreneurs have a less-than-ideal relationship with time and it is a common cause of stress and concern.  I’m here to help you get on the front side of time management, so you can… Create a container for your life and biz Build valuable structure around your […]

Reflecting on Our First 1,000 Woman Event…

Last week, I wrapped up my first 1,000+ women event and I have to say… …it was off-the-charts AMAZING! The magnetic energy and feeling of togetherness are still resonating with me today.  I’m so amazed by the women who showed up with their A-GAMES, their commitment and their BIG MISSIONS. As I’m thinking about all […]

3 Strategies for Your Virtual Fundraising Event

Your purpose-based business is founded on your authentic feminine values and your mission to change lives with your unique gift.   So you may find yourself asking, “How do I make a BIGGER difference on the planet while I work?” The key is to align your brand with a humanitarian cause so you can give back […]

Making Virtual Events SIMPLE

Your pivot to virtual events is a huge transformation for you & your business. Does all the planning feel complicated? It doesn’t have to. Here are five tips for making your virtual events SIMPLE so you can ROCK the online stage: (Click below to watch Ep. #92: Making Virtual Events SIMPLE)   #1. Take Care […]

My NEW Podcast is Officially Launched!

I am so excited to announce I just launched my NEW Women Rocking Business podcast! I can’t wait for you to tune in & learn about the AH-MAZING content I have planned – including exclusive training from guest experts, my latest proven business formulas, online tips & hacks, and more! (Click here to check out […]