The Entrepreneur Burnout Solution with Rev. Michael Beckwith & Sage Lavine

The past few years haven’t been easy. We’ve been walking through a global pandemic, new challenges, and big shifts in our business.  So it’s no wonder I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries asking, “how do I keep going in business without burning out?” If you feel like you’re on the edge of entrepreneur burnout, […]

Incredible Act of Generosity & Sisterhood (This has NEVER happened before!)

Hello rockstar! At my recent 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat…. Something incredible took place LIVE that has never happened before. 😮 I gave away $15,000 worth of year-long training to one woman but TWO women ended up receiving the prize.  Today I’m sharing this powerful video clip to reveal how this absolutely INCREDIBLE act […]

The Biggest Speakathon of My Career

I just experienced some of the biggest success of my career NOT being measured by… Dollars in the bank account How many clients I enrolled …but measured in my clients’ real, tangible results in their lives and businesses.  If you’re in business so your clients can have real, tangible results… Keep reading, sister.  ^^^Watch […]

Honoring 4 Incredible Women Who Made History

It’s Women’s History Month and we have a lot to celebrate. This morning, I was looking through my Amber Lotus calendar and reflecting on the powerful imagery of women who made history. So for today’s Monday Motivation Jam, I want to honor 4 incredible women who stood for something bigger than themselves… so we can […]

Leverage Your Women’s Values to Rock Sales

Happy International Women’s Week, rockstar! Today I’m sharing how you can leverage your women’s values to… Rock your sales Change more lives Make more money  ^^^Watch “Leverage Your Women’s Values to Rock Sales” Now^^^ I just wrapped up a call with over 300 of our new clients and these women were on fire.  Here’s […]

My Rock the Virtual Stage Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Woo Hoo! My Rock the Virtual Stage Challenge kicks off TOMORROW! I spent some time on the beach getting pumped up, and I made you this quick video to support you to make the most of this transformative training.   ^^^Watch “My Rock the Virtual Stage Challenge Starts Tomorrow”^^^ Step #1. Register for FREE If […]

Don’t Let Your Biz Rob You in 2022

Happy Monday, beauty! As we continue to ring in the New Year, I want to share with you my annual tradition for creating a resolution that I honor all year long. This process opens the door for me to… Orient myself toward want I want to expand into Manifest the results I most desire Keep […]

Celebrating My Amazing Team & Planning Ahead for 2022

I’m kicking off this week feeling uplifted, supported, and amazed.  A few days ago, my team and I met in sacred space at our annual team retreat. It’s the first time we’ve been able to gather since COVID first hit 2 years ago and we pivoted our entire business together.  When the world shut down […]

How to 4-10x your Biz with Affiliates

One of my favorite marketing strategies is… Affiliate marketing: cross-promoting your services with your colleagues! Your collaborative marketing partnerships have the power to 4-10x your business (and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process!)  At Women Rocking Business, we’ve earned millions in income from our affiliate marketing, and nearly half of our clients […]

Navigating the Push-Pull Relationship with Your Business

Hello beautiful entrepreneurial sister! I recently wrapped up an 18-mile backpacking hike in Big Sur, California. I pushed myself to hike the long trek with the weight of my pack on my shoulder. I pulled myself to complete the hike because it’s a reward trip that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time […]

How to Sell Transformational Work

Happy Monday, Rockstar! As women entrepreneurs, many of us are offering deeply transformational work that aims to change lives on this planet.  I’m answering your frequently asked questions about selling transformation, so you can get out there and make an even bigger difference.  ^^^Watch my “How to Sell Transformational Work” Video^^^ Can I sell deep […]

Women Are Needed Right Now

There is a LOT happening on the planet… …and women are needed RIGHT NOW. We’re bringing the heart-based solutions and life-changing transformations that the planet is desperately asking for right now. So how do we make a bigger impact? We make the choice to fall in love with our… ✔️ Leadership ✔️ Business ✔️ Sales […]