Building a Feminine Thought Leader Business with Claire Zammit

Are you called to be a thought leader? My conversation with Claire Zammit points to one very key trait that all thought leaders have in common. In today’s Monday Motivation, I’m sharing an interview with Claire – who’s regarded as the world’s leading expert in coaching women – to talk about her process for reaching […]

How to Break Through Your Money Blocks

Hello beauty! I recently wrapped up my 3-Day Rock Sales Retreat where 700+ women experienced life-changing transformations in their life and biz! I’m still receiving so much feedback like… “My money mindset shift was INCREDIBLE.” “This has been AMAZING as always”  “Is it too late to join the Women Rocking Business Academy?” I’m blown away […]

12 Step Feminine System to Launch Your Biz…Highlights from My Best-Selling Book with Glory St. Germain

Hey, Gorgeous! Are you ready to ROCK your business? Even in financial uncertainty, you can start your BIZ and quantum leap your results! This week, I’m joined by Glory St. Germain – one of my incredible clients who has read Women Rocking Business cover to cover and used these tools to skyrocket her business in […]

8 STEPS to an EPIC 2024

Hi, Gorgeous! 2024 is on the horizon. But does the thought of a New Year’s resolution scare you? Check out my 8 steps to set and reach your 2024 goals – the feminine way! This process will get you attuned and aligned with what you want and make 2024 the best, loudest, most impactful year […]

Giving and Getting in Business

I love the idea of partnering businesses with humanitarian causes. When you give back, you can: Create good will in your community Infuse philanthropy into your brand Make a bigger impact on this planet Today I’m sharing my tips for both giving AND getting in business – no matter where you’re at in building your […]

Building a Brave Business with Remi Pearson and Sage Lavine

If you want to infuse your heart-based business with more.. 💙 Bravery 💙 Authenticity 💙 Confidence 💙 Fierce feminine energy 💙 Genuine support …then I’d love to introduce you to Remi Pearson, one of my dear friends and colleagues who is so real and authentic! Remi has changed the lives of over 11,000 coaches as […]

How to Inspire Millions with Your Message with Lisa Nichols & Sage Lavine

I’m sharing some wisdom from one of the most skilled speakers I know. Lisa Nichols is the ultimate embodiment of the shero’s journey. She is the founder of Motivating the Masses and the CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit… and she’s also a single mom who rose up & shared her gifts after being kicked […]

Creating Your Vivid Vision with Jennifer Hudye & Sage Lavine

What is your relationship like with your business vision? Women entrepreneurs often struggle with thoughts like: “I’m not fully on board with my vision.” “There’s a lot of resistance between me and my vision.” “My vision has passion, but it lacks clarity.” If you want to transform these thoughts into a clear, confident vision that […]

Plant Fuel for Your Body & Biz Success with Ocean Robbins & Sage Lavine

I am so excited to share my interview with the one and only Ocean Robbins! Ocean is one of my very best friends on this planet. As the CEO of Food Revolution Network, he is… Sharing the tools to improve health, vitality, and business leadership Teaching us how to make healthy decisions for our bodies […]

What’s Your Superpower Shadow?

If you’ve taken my Speaker Superpower Quiz, you know that you have a speaker superpower within you.  But did you know that your superpower has a shadow? In today’s quick training, I’m diving into WHY you have a superpower shadow and HOW to leverage it in your business. ^^^Watch “What’s Your Superpower Shadow?” Now^^^ Your […]

What I Learned from My Team in 2022 to Make Millions

I’m feeling so blessed heading into this holiday season. I recently held my annual team retreat with all of the incredible rockstars behind Women Rocking Business (I’ll share some million dollar team tips below!)  What did we do at the team retreat? We explored our different styles of leadership, set powerful goals for 2023, celebrated […]

Buy Nothing on Black Friday?

This week are you celebrating Black Friday or “Buy Nothing” Day? Comment below and let me know which resonates with you.  If you’re on the fence, I want to take a few moments to talk to you about Buy Nothing Day and share how it can help you take a big stand in your business. […]


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