3 Keys to Launch Your Message (Women Rocking Business Podcast Season 5 is Here!)

I just launched season 5 of my Women Rocking Business Podcast! This season has a hot new theme for women entrepreneurs… 🔥 The Fierce Feminine in Business 🔥  If you resonate with the women’s way of doing business, I invite you to tune in every week and discover… 💙 How to leverage your feminine gifts […]

How to Inspire Millions with Your Message with Lisa Nichols & Sage Lavine

I’m sharing some wisdom from one of the most skilled speakers I know. Lisa Nichols is the ultimate embodiment of the shero’s journey. She is the founder of Motivating the Masses and the CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit… and she’s also a single mom who rose up & shared her gifts after being kicked […]

5 Keys to Claim Your Message

Is there a message inside of you that’s been waiting to be released? Here’s how you know: You feel the universe tapping you on the shoulder  You know you have something big to say There’s a message inside of you that’s not letting go You feel a greater purpose ready to come through You want […]

3 Tips to Share Your Magnetic Message

Hi Beauty, If you’ve ever wondered how to begin your magnetic message or share it in a way that resonates in any environment… I have 3 quick tips you’re going to love. I’m sharing another coaching video from my recent Rock the Stage Challenge, where we supported thousands of women to craft their magnetic messages. […]

How to Position Your Talk & Share Your Story

Today’s training is all about giving you quick & easy tips to… ✔️ Position your talk & message ✔️ Tell your story from the stage ✔️ Create a simple outline for your speaking engagement I’m sharing a coaching video from my recent Rock the Stage Challenge, where we supported thousands of women to position their […]

How to Create Your Evolutionary Message [Cabin Vlog]

I’m at my cabin in northern Minnesota. It’s a place where I can reflect on where I’ve been… ….and where I’m going next.  I made you a video to support you to dive into your message clarity and take the next step on your entrepreneurial journey.  ^^^Watch “Message Clarity from the Cabin” Now^^^ My […]

How to Create Your Core Speaker Message

If you want to build a speaking-based business, I’m inviting you to consider… What is the core of your speaker message?  If you’re stuck or confused on your message, or if you want to dial in your message so that you can reach more people, I want to share my message clarity framework to help […]

3 Online Visibility Hacks for Women

There’s never been a better time for women to focus on online visibility. The planet needs your unique gift more than ever, and I want you to have the confidence to rock your marketing & get visible in the virtual world. Here are my top 3 online visibility hacks for WOMEN:  ^^^Watch 3 Online […]

(Vulnerable Video) My 1st Book Deal!

I just got my first book deal. (Holy Sh*t) it’s HUGE! I’m on my way to Manhattan for a follow up meeting with my publisher, who you’ve probably heard of… Hayhouse. I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure I would EVER share this video with you. It’s the most vulnerable video I’ve ever made. In the […]

Are you doubting your niche… your business… your life?

The other day I had one of those days where it felt like something just needed to CHANGE. I was walking along the ocean, dreaming about doing something different… maybe switching my niche to work with women going through divorce, or step into a form of spiritual mentorship… or… perhaps move to a tropical island […]

Help me Title my New Book??

I want to let you in on a little secret; I’m writing a book for the women around the world who are yearning to discover how to do business while remaining true to their innate women’s values. Will you help by giving me your quick feedback on a title? Here’s a little more about the […]


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