5 Keys to Claim Your Message

Is there a message inside of you that’s been waiting to be released?

Here’s how you know:

  • You feel the universe tapping you on the shoulder 
  • You know you have something big to say
  • There’s a message inside of you that’s not letting go
  • You feel a greater purpose ready to come through
  • You want to bring more balance, healing, unity, and connection to the planet

If you’re thinking “yes!” to any of the above, then it’s time to claim your message.

Here are my 5 keys to claim your message, so you can attract your ideal clients and get them excited about your transformational business.

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#1. Niche for Momentum

One of the best ways to build quick momentum for your business is to dial in your niche, so you can hang a sign on your door that lets people know exactly what your biz is all about. 

You’ll stand out online.
You’ll start attracting your perfect clients.
You’ll boost your confidence.

Just remember, your niche can evolve and grow over time, and your niche doesn’t have to encompass all that you are. Choose a niche that resonates with you and your “why” and claim it!

#2. Give People What They Want

There’s a HUGE shift that happens when you start marketing your business to your ideal audience using their language (not what you think they want). 

So take some time to listen. Really listen.
Tune into their challenges, their goals, and the obstacles standing in the way.

Then get specific in your message about how you can help them achieve the transformation they know they want.

We’re going to take a deep dive into this shift at our 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat coming up soon, so if this is resonating with you, please grab your ticket here!

#3. Honor Their Complaints

What are your ideal clients complaining about to their friends? It might sound like…

“I want to quit my job.”
“I want a better relationship with my husband.”
“I want to connect with my inner self… but I can’t.”

Pay attention to these challenges and how the transformation you provide resolves them. 

Here’s the thing:
People put money in places where they want change.

That’s why it’s so important to honor what they’re complaining about… and the ideal solution they’d like to see as an outcome. 

#4. Offer an Individualized Solution

People aren’t just looking for a solution.
They’re looking for their individualized solution. 

So make your message very specific with the transformation they’re looking for. 

Here’s an example:

At Women Rocking Business, we don’t just help women start businesses.

We empower women with the tools they need to launch heart-based businesses, take the stage, rock sales with confidence, achieve financial and schedule freedom, and link arms as we work to close the gender pay gap.

Do you feel the difference?

#5. Choose Your Niche for Now

Choose a niche that allows you to give yourself to a greater cause or community.

Because when you do..

You can move mountains.
Doors will open.
People will come.
Your heart will open.

You’ll build a business that you love waking up to every morning. 

Fully devoting myself to my niche opened the doors for me to publish my best-selling Hay House book, land my TedX talk, launch my 7-figure training company, and more.

How to get started…

If you’re ready to claim and clarify your message, I’d love to support you at my upcoming 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat.

Here’s a preview of the daily agenda:

DAY 1: Rock Your Message & Offer (You’ll continue claiming your message!)

  • Create a message for your mission-driven business that resonates with your ideal clients
  • Discover how to lead your business in alignment with your authentic values
  • Position your recession-proof offer that attracts “YES!”

DAY 2:  Rock Your Money & Sales

  • Experience your money mindset shift
  • Give yourself a RAISE & charge what you’re worth (yep, regardless of what’s happening in the economy)
  • Implement my process for financial freedom

DAY 3: Rock Your Marketing & Own Your Online Space

  • Simplify your tech & make magnetic marketing materials
  • Create a marketing strategy that works right now 
  • Boost your business visibility online & attract your ideal clients

>>>Register now while there are still tickets available ⏳

You got this, beauty. Your clients are waiting for you. 

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Rosemary Schmid
Rosemary Schmid
11 days ago

Thank you for this offer, and for outlining what needs to be done, and why! I have been procrastinating etc, and “know” you are absolutely correct. I won’t be able to attend, but, honestly, I am going to save your website URL and, when I get off my duff and am working, I’ll be back to thank you, and then some. I applaud what you are doing.

11 days ago

Im registered!

Sylvester Eyo
10 days ago

[email protected].
Amazing business pathway conversations, with depth of clarity insight to guide mindsets and tasks market alignment for transformational result. It emphasises conceptual, logical top of mind presence that makes the most difference in business cycles journey. Appreciate.

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