Dial in Your Client Attracting Talk

If you want to grow a thriving business (both online and live), it’s so important that you…

Dial in your client-attracting talk.

The secret to creating a CLIENT ATTRACTING signature talk is to set the CONTEXT for learning…not just the content. Here’s why:

Context matters 10x more than content.

That’s because content is considered a dime a dozen these days. (Like my mom says, if you want the answer to any question, you can easily just “Google it up.”)

People aren’t looking to get loaded up with information. They’re really craving experiences and connection.

So what does it mean to set the context?

At your next speaking event or webinar, create an experience where people can build genuine connections & relationships, and build trust with YOU.

People buy from people they trust, meaning connection = currency.

Here are a few ways to create a more engaging, trust-building experience at your next virtual event or webinar:

  • Prompt people to make posts in an online group
  • Ask people to comment on each other’s comments
  • Create a LIVE experience where people can engage with your training

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Thousands of my clients have used my context-creating tools to…

✔️Build community
✔️Take the stage
✔️Launch their movements
✔️Create incredible relationships
✔️Grow thriving speaking businesses

You’ll take a deeper dive into this exact training at my Rock the Stage Challenge. Whether you’re brand new to speaking or you’re a seasoned speaker looking to uplevel your biz, you’ll discover how to…

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Grab Your Free Seat

Your clients are waiting for you. They’re not just waiting for someone like you. They’re actually waiting for YOU. Let’s do this thing…together.


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