The Right and Wrong Order To Set Yourself Up For High-Ticket Sales

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent hours behind your computer creating a course but when it came time to sell, all you got was crickets…

It’s SO tempting to stay in creator mode. Coming up with content. Building course after course… and then wonder why you’re not making the money you want.

Today I’m sharing the right and wrong order of building a business to set yourself up for high-ticket sales.

This training is one of *the* hottest nuggets from my 3-day Rock Sales Retreat. We cover A LOT of ground in a short time in this video, including:

✅ How to grow your platform and your list so it becomes a retirement plan for yourself
✅ The single thing my clients are doing to double their income every year
✅ The big mistake I see a lot of struggling entrepreneurs make with their podcasts and Instagram
✅ How to “earn the right” to sell to people
✅ Are you selling in the wrong places?

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First Things First

Decide on the income and the impact you want to make. Once you are clear on these two things, you will have a North Star that guides all your decisions. Ask yourself: Does this action directly lead to the impact & income I want? If not, do something else that does.

Get Visible 

Your people can’t find you if you’re too busy perfecting your course. The sooner you get visible, the sooner you warm people up to you, and the sooner you can enroll high-ticket clients.

Build A Community

Focus on building a community that you serve. Your number one job is to be of service to a group of people having a shared experience. Become the place they go for answers to their problems. Respond to their comments. Make them feel seen. You need to build the know-like-trust factor first. Without it, you won’t sell a thing.

When you build a community, you’re growing your platform and your list, and creating a retirement plan for yourself. It’s a place where you’re gonna have some choices so that you can keep growing or if you wanna scale back, you can spend some time promoting other people.

Here’s why having a community is critical: Anytime you’ve got an idea for a new program or a retreat or a product, you’ve got people ready to say, “I’m looking for what you have to offer.”

I’ve seen our clients year after year do this. The longer that they grow their communities, the more energy and attention they put into growing those communities, the more money they’re making, the more they’re able to be of service.

It’s common for our clients to double their income every year as they keep growing their platform. Growing a group gives them more and more freedom.

Building your community gives you the opportunity to make the difference that you’re here to make.

“Earn The Right” To Sell

You can’t just meet someone and pop the question: “Will you work with me?” You must give out premium content that engages them… you know, the good sh!t! Don’t worry, this is not the same as working for free. This is part of the brand that you are building.

You want people to know that YOU = LEGIT CONTENT. If you have quality content that converts, you have earned the right to ask for a sale. Make quality content. When you educate people and engage them at the same time, you don’t ever have to worry about offending anyone when you make your offer.

Learn How To Sell

Selling is the most valuable skill to have as a business owner because no clients? No biz. Get people into your programs first, then create the content. Otherwise, it’s going to take too long to get the money you need to grow & support yourself.

Let me know in the comments one area you’re going to focus on next!

You’re already doing amazing, so let’s bump it up a few notches! Thanks for being part of my world. It means so much to me. xoxo

Let’s do this… together.


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