How to Break Through Your Money Blocks

Hello beauty!

I recently wrapped up my 3-Day Rock Sales Retreat where 700+ women experienced life-changing transformations in their life and biz!

I’m still receiving so much feedback like…

“My money mindset shift was INCREDIBLE.”

“This has been AMAZING as always” 

“Is it too late to join the Women Rocking Business Academy?”

I’m blown away by the energy that’s still lingering after the event, which is why I have TWO big surprises for today’s Monday Motivation…

Surprise #1:

I decided to release a replay of one of the most popular sessions from a past retreat training. (Watch below and keep reading for your second surprise.)

^^^Watch “How to Break Through Your Money Blocks” Now^^^

This Money Blocks Training will support you to uncover your biggest sales hurdles and learn proven solutions to remedy your relationship with money.

Here’s a quick review of the 4 money blocks affecting women entrepreneurs and their remedies:

Money Block #1: Fear we’re not worthy of money

You feel like “there’s something wrong with me” and you wonder how you could possibly make a lot of money.

Remedy: Get reflection from those who have ETR (Earned The Right) and infuse more self-love into your life and business. 

Money Block #2: Fear of being too big, successful, or “shiny”

You’re fearful of abandonment and judgment from others if you create great success.

Remedy: Find a community of entrepreneurs who pull you forth (like our Women Rocking Business Sisterhood.)

Money Block #3: Fear of leaving people behind 

You feel like you’re being disloyal and face a sense of money guilt knowing others have less than you.

Remedy: Get vulnerable, ask for reassurance, and track your numbers. 

Money Block #4: Fear of too much responsibility

You’re worried you’ll experience body breakdown and overwhelm due to the responsibility of leading a successful business.

Remedy: Spend time around successful people and seek mentorship. 

Can you relate? Removing your money block is so important if you want to earn greater income, charge what you’re worth, and attract your ideal high-paying clients.

Now for surprise #2.

As I’ve been thinking about your money transformation and all the lingering excitement from my 3-day event… I decided to keep the doors to our Women Rocking Business Academy open for a few more days!

My team and I just opened up NEW coaching sessions so you can discuss our year-long mentorship programs and grab your seat.

Ah-mazing, right?! So if you want to immerse yourself in a year filled with…

  • Biz-building mentorship, accountability, and support
  • Done-for-you tools to uplevel your skills & business growth
  • Incredible sisterhood and personalized feedback

…then I highly recommend you book a chat with a coach right now.

>>>Explore the Programs + Chat with a Coach

Your clients are waiting for you, rockstar!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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