3 Must-Have Keys to a 6 & 7 Figure Speaking Business

Hi beautiful,

Ever hear yourself saying, “But I just want to do client work!”?

For many of us, it’s the most fulfilling part of business, but there are 2 other must-have keys that are crucial if you want to get to 6 and 7 figures.

I’ll show you how to fall in love with all 3 parts of a 6 and 7-figure business in this clip from one of the most powerful moments in the recent 3-day Rock Sales Retreat.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✨Where to put your energy so you have a steady stream of potential clients at a moment’s notice

✨The number one skill that takes your business from a hobby to a thriving business that can handle growth

✨ What to do ASAP if you have a large online following but no one’s buying (this is the missing link for many!)

✨How to take excellent care of your clients so they keep coming back and refer you to their friends and family

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Are you on track for a 6 or 7-figure business? Let’s dive in…

1️⃣ You are building community

Even if you just want to make $5k a month, you need a community that’s watching you online. Because if you have 100 people or 200 people watching you online, there’s a good chance 10 or 20 of those are going to want to be your clients. No community, no clients.

Building community can happen in a Facebook group, on social media, and through an email list. When you take care of a community by frequently posting, sharing, or emailing with valuable content that comes from a place of love and service, you cultivate a place where people can find answers and support for the things they’re passionate about. You establish yourself as a leader and guide, and plant seeds for a thriving business.

2️⃣ You know how to make a sale

Sales is how we get to make a difference. You don’t actually have a business until you have this part of the business down. I have a lot of clients that come to me and say, “Sage, I have tens of 1000s of followers online, and nobody’s hiring me.” That’s a great place to start… AND we need to help you skill up in enrollment and sales. That’s the missing link.

Instead of just retaining a client we learn how to create value and even over-deliver.

One of the things that’s made Women Rocking Business grow is that I have always believed in over-delivering.

I’m not saying we’re perfect, but I invite you to feel into the energy of “What if I were to give even more than I promised my clients?”

Your confidence in what you’re selling would grow.

When we show up fully, and we fall in love with our clients, and we do a great job, our confidence goes up.

And this is really important… There is no amount of inner confidence work that can take the place of you going out there, making a sale, and then making a difference for people.

3️⃣ You take great care of your clients

This is the fun part for most of us, getting to love up on our clients and guide them to have transformations. Taking great care of your clients and getting them results will bring in testimonials that will help attract new clients. It’s a virtuous cycle that no business can do without. This is how you create a sustainable business that can rise up to 6 and 7 figures in a fraction of the time.

Whether it’s your first client, your second client, or even a beta client.

Go sell something, then watch your confidence build and build and build.

If I had waited to enroll a client until I was “ready,” that day would have never happened.

When we show up and we show up fully, and we fall in love with our clients, and we do a great job…our confidence goes up.

Get these 3 components down: Community, Sales & Client Care… and you will have the foundation of a very healthy business.

I know you have A LOT of beautiful, selfless & luxurious things you’ll do with the money you earn from your business, and I’m so excited to help get you there so you can experience the BEST that life has to offer.

So take a pause to celebrate YOU and how amazing you’re doing…then let’s get you to the next level!!

Let’s do this…together.


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