3 Online Visibility Hacks for Women

There’s never been a better time for women to focus on online visibility. The planet needs your unique gift more than ever, and I want you to have the confidence to rock your marketing & get visible in the virtual world. Here are my top 3 online visibility hacks for WOMEN:

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#1. Check Your Marketing with the Face Test

Passing the Face Test is all about creating simple, impactful marketing. The goal is to write attention-grabbing headlines that are…

  • Written using the words your clients would use and understand
  • Easy-to-understand (a 12-year-old could read it and easily explain it to you)
  • Crafted in a way that preserves calories, so you don’t have to think too hard to understand them

Remember, your ideal clients are only going to click on content that pertains to them and makes them excited to learn more. Keep it simple, sister. 

#2. Market Downstream rather than Upstream

As a women entrepreneur, your goal is to serve your clients and make an impact in their lives. So your marketing should clearly speak to the needs & wants they already know they have. 

Here’s an example:
I used to offer a course called “Niche Clarity,” because I knew my clients needed support with choosing their niche. The problem? They didn’t know they needed niche clarity training.

The solution? I renamed the course “Make Money with Your Message,” and women started signing up quickly! 

It was the same course content teaching women to choose a niche and craft a business message to attract their specific clients. 

However, the new name addressed the desire my clients already knew they had:

Make more money with their purpose-based businesses.

#3. Make Your Business Bigger than What You Stand for

The final hack for boosting your online visibility relates to your unique “why.” 

It’s so important to make your business bigger than what you stand for by lifting your purpose and your passion to greater heights.

Let’s talk about Women Rocking Business, for example. We teach women entrepreneurs  to stand out online, create engaging communities, and find their ideal clients. 

We’re also working to close the gender pay gap and empower women to earn the money they deserve.

This alignment between your greater “why” and your business plan opens the doors to new opportunities, like speaking for global platforms and world-famous stages. Plus, you can raise life-changing funds for the philanthropic causes that are close to your heart. 

It’s always a good idea to think about how to share your message in a bigger way, so you can make a greater impact on this planet with your business.

I hope you enjoyed these 3 online visibility hacks for women!

Now get out there, beauty. Your clients are waiting for you.

Let me know in the comments:

What do YOU stand for with your business?

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