3 Steps to Get Yourself Out There

It’s time to get yourself out there, rockstar!

If you’re just starting out in biz, you know it can be tempting to hide behind your computer or create content in a closet.

In today’s training, I’m sharing 3 tips to embrace human connection so you can…

  • Scale your business
  • Get visible online
  • Create time freedom

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The best services, programs, and products are launched with a foundation of human-to-human interaction. It’s so important to get feedback, ask questions, and collect testimonials.

If you know you have a gift to get out there, here are 3 tips to get started:

#1. Work with Beta Clients

Find a few potential clients to work with for FREE in exchange for a testimonial. This is great hands-on practice that will help you get even more clear in the process. 

#2. Host a Small Zoom Conference

Invite friends & colleagues to a small Zoom conference, where you can take your message and services for a test drive. (Reminder: don’t worry about being perfect!)

#3. Interview Other Entrepreneurs

Take some time to talk with other entrepreneurs and ask about their actions, fears, and path to success. Remember, nobody does it alone and nobody starts with all the answers. Interviews can help you get clarity & helpful advice.


Create your services based on what your ideal clients say they want. Positioning your offerings using their own words is gold for your business!

Be bold.
Be brave.
Get yourself out there, beauty!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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1 month ago

Thank you so much for that. I’ve created my course, but I haven’t been brave enough to test out on real people yet. But now I will. Thank you.

Laurie Sjostrom
1 month ago

This is such a supportive and easy to believe message. Sometimes I resist the message because I can’t imagine myself as someone who would think or do that… You speak right to me.

Anne Marie
13 days ago

I’m starting to enjoy beginning again. With a new online version of ourselves to put out there, I certainly got stuck in the hole for a while. I’m working with mini groups and 1:1s as a way to just roll out my services and make them better each time. Great tips. Feel encouraged by the first one especially.

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