3 Steps to Master the Breakdown to Breakthrough

Let’s get real…

We all have moments of breakdown.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

(Even – and especially – me!)

Whether it’s a health, relationship, business, money or communication breakdown, we all have them.

However, often as leaders, we make the mistake of judging ourselves for having a breakdown and thinking we can’t possibly lead… check out the video below.

“How could I possibly lead…
“Get on camera…
“Coach my client…

…when my _____(fill in the blank)____ is falling apart?”

(Sound familiar?)

We think, “Clearly we’re not cut out for this, right?”


You are perfectly cut out for this path as an entrepreneur when you know how to keep going through the breakdown to have a breakthrough.

Rather than let that breakdown leak any more of your confidence and faith in yourself, read on and discover my…

3 Steps to Master the Breakdown to Breakthrough:

Step 1: Raise your vibration & cultivate contentment

Spiritual masters advise us to cultivate the “middle path” – that place of contentment where we are above all the details of what’s going on. Rather than getting “hooked” in a high or a low, we can be content with what is. This is the first step to breaking free from the breakdown and moving towards a breakthrough.

Step 2: Stay open & honest

Often, when we’re in a really tender space, we can either find ourselves posturing to push ourselves through it, only to end up even more exhausted. Or we collapse and get small and stay contracted. But when you can cultivate the sweet spot between posturing and collapsing and stay open and honest… your breakdown has a chance to lead to a breakthrough.

Step 3: Create Space For The Breakthrough

The foundation has to crack in order to rebuild. Space is required for that new life to come through. So when the foundation of your life or business or relationship or all of these starts to crack – trust it. It’s the breakdown that precedes the breakthrough.

Whether you’re in a breakdown right now, sense one is coming, or just came through one, I’m here to tell you you are NOT alone. I went through breakdown after breakdown, especially in the beginning of building my business. I left my J-O-B, moved across the country to Santa Cruz, California, got a divorce and faced my biggest financial fears.

Yet again and again, what I discovered was that when I cultivated contentment, stayed open and honest, and created space for the breakthrough to occur… the breakthrough occurred and I was able to rise up like a phoenix on the others side of the breakdown, stronger and wiser than before.

As a surfer, and as the CEO of Women Rocking Business, a global 7-figure training company, I know that we’re going to have moments of experiencing wipe outs. The wipe outs are inherent to the sport of surfing and entrepreneurship.

The question is: do you rise up and get back on the board to ride the next wave?

The ability to rise up, again and again, and have a breakthrough on the other side of a breakdown, again and again, is what makes us the leaders we are here to be.

I’d love to hear from you!

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