3 Steps to Ride the Contribution Dragon in Business

Hello Beauty!

We’re here to talk about the fire-breathing dragon in your business…

…the one that makes you feel like you’ll get eaten up & burned out if you don’t give 100% of yourself to biz and work constantly. 

I’m teaching you how to RIDE the dragon – not slay it – so you can…

  • Prevent overwhelm
  • Take care of your best asset in business (hint: it’s YOU!)
  • Avoid burnout

Here are my 3 strategies to ride the contribution dragon in business. 

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#1. Add Self-Care to Your Job Description

As the leader of your own business, it’s so important that you…

  • Keep yourself resourced
  • Practice self care
  • Grow your passion

When you said “yes” to working for yourself, it became your responsibility to take good care of yourself and avoid burnour. You need to have passion and energy to grow your business, so you can’t let yourself burn out like you may have done previously at a J-O-B.

That’s why you need to add self care to your job description and allow yourself to rest & recharge and show up for your business as the best version of you. Here are some of my favorite forms of self care:

  • Enjoy a warm bath
  • Take a nap
  • Meditate
  • Practice breathwork

As an entrepreneur, you are your greatest asset in business. It’s up to YOU to be your own cheerleader, protect your time, and maintain the energy you need to grow your movement.

#2. Surrender to the Channel of Contribution

When you choose to ride the dragon and surrender to the contribution, you can truly experience the best part of business and live your greatest purpose.

The most incredible feeling in the world is when you can support the people who come to YOU for support, mentorship, and healing. 

That’s the whole reason why you started your heart-based business, right? It feels so good to get out there and change someone’s life.

As a woman entrepreneur, that’s the unique gift you have to offer to this planet. Your contribution helps your clients improve their lives in a big way and only YOU can offer that unique transformation. 

#3 Conquer Your Tech & Marketing

You also need to surrender to the resources you need to rock your business, including…

  • Technology
  • Social media
  • Online marketing

You may feel dread when you think of your business tech. I get it. It takes a lot of energy to master these platforms.

That’s how I used to feel about Instagram. I didn’t want to learn another platform and deal with all the features. Then I surrendered to understanding Instagram and now it’s a great way to get my message out there and find my ideal clients.

Your dragon may be telling you, “Do it all at once. You need to leverage all the platforms.”

The reality is, you don’t need to surrender to all the platforms at once! When you surrender to just one at a time, you can truly focus on the mastery and monetization of each medium. Take your time to learn and grow, then branch you whenever YOU feel ready. 

Even if you don’t love technology, try to make peace with the fact that you may need it to grow your business and allow yourself to learn to do it your way. Trust me, it will feel so good when your tech starts to work for you and results in new clients!

Bonus Tip: Overcome Your Fear & Resistance

Business isn’t always easy. You’ll have to walk through your own fears and resistance to grow your movement and make an even bigger difference on this planet.

When you conquer your fears and take the reins of your contribution dragon, you open the channel to helping your clients overcome their resistances and worries too.

Choosing to ride your dragon, not slay it, is part of the process of becoming the leader your clients need, avoiding burnout, and growing your inner strength. 

Let me know in the comments: What’s the biggest thing you know you need to do next in your business to ride the contribution dragon?

Keep standing out online.

Keep growing your movement.

Keep riding that fire-breathing dragon.

Remember, your clients are waiting for you. Not just someone like you. They are actually waiting for YOU. 

Let’s do this thing…together.


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