3 Steps to Rock Your Mission in the New Year

Hi Rockstar!

Today’s training is all about supporting you to orient yourself toward your highest vision in 2022, so you can…

  • Find & enroll your ideal clients
  • Fill your practice
  • Earn amazing money
  • Make a bigger impact on this planet
  • Land influential stages

Here are a few tips to create alignment with your 2022 vision and make it a reality.

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#1. Do the Work to Feel Worthy

Your mission is dependent on you taking 100% responsibility to do the work to feel 100% worthy. (Take a breath into that.)

Don’t hold onto something that’s just good or “good enough,” because it’s holding you back from what’s GREAT. Realize that you’re 100% worthy of all the great things you want in your life and biz, and do the work it takes to get you there. Take time to practice…

  • Letting go of things that aren’t working
  • Recognizing self-sabotage behaviors you may be engaged in
  • Avoiding “pointing the finger” or getting caught up in blame

#2. Realize You’re Not Doing This Alone

Let me introduce you to a visual tool called The Divine Triangle. 

There’s an energetic beam from YOU to your divine source, and it connects you with your clients.

When you realize you are two people going through the divine, you can clean up Earthly triggers and any messiness that comes with human relationships.

Embrace YOUR role in the triangle. Don’t try to play God or Goddess (or else you’ll burn out.)

Remember that you’re supported and you’re not alone as you grow your business. 

#3. Remember It’s Not About YOU

Your business isn’t simply about you.

It’s about all the lives you can change with your unique gift!

When you shift into SERVICE, you can enter a state of mission manifestation – allowing you to create greater impact, transformation, and income in 2022.

Remember, you didn’t hear this call (and call back) for no reason. This is the universe doing it’s work through you. You have to do just as much allowing as you do actioning and attracting.

Direct your energy into letting your sense of allowing be greater than your sense of awareness. 

So Beauty, as we enter the New Year, please keep in mind…

  • You are worthy
  • You’re not alone
  • It’s no accident you have this gift

Your commitment to doing the WORK and transforming lives will support you to rock your mission in the New Year!

You’ve got this.

Your clients are waiting.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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