3 Strategies for Your Virtual Fundraising Event

Your purpose-based business is founded on your authentic feminine values and your mission to change lives with your unique gift.  

So you may find yourself asking, “How do I make a BIGGER difference on the planet while I work?”

The key is to align your brand with a humanitarian cause so you can give back to the world in a big way. 

Vivian Glyck, the founder of Just Like My Child Foundation and author of How to Change the World While You Work, and I are sharing our top three strategies for rocking your virtual fundraising event – the woman’s way:


#1. Position Your Fundraiser as a Content Piece

Think of your fundraiser as part of your event’s storyline. As you’re delivering the training your audience signed up for, find ways to creatively transition the content you’re teaching into your own expression of why the fundraiser’s cause matters to you.

When your business and your fundraiser are aligned in purpose, you’re able to promote both without feeling pushy or “salesy.” 

#2. Understand Quality of Connection > Quantity of Connection

Remember, you’re standing FOR your humanitarian cause and also standing WITH your audience… so you can create unity around a common goal. 

As the event leader and facilitator, it’s so important you have a point of connection to your cause. Share with your audience WHY this cause is part of your purpose and HOW it made you FEEL in the moment when you decided to say “yes” to supporting it.

#3. Create Tangible Goals & Social Proof

There are three layers to your fundraiser goal:

  • The FUNDS you’d like to raise
  • The IMPACT those funds will create for your cause
  • The BENEFITS for donors

Your goals should be as tangible as possible. Start by measuring the IMPACT created by the FUNDS you’re looking to raise. Here’s an example: When Vivian and I set a $10k fundraising goal at a past event, we calculated that $10k can put 200 girls through life-changing financial empowerment training. 

If you follow strategies #1 and #2, your audience will feel a huge sense of reward from contributing to your fundraiser. But it’s also a good idea to provide tangible benefits & social proof. Consider setting donation tiers with benefits at each level, like a free book, a trinket that relates to your cause, or free training & event opportunities.

Digital platforms, like Facebook and websites, are also great tools for building community within your fundraiser. Enabling comment functionality and/or a live feed of who is donating during the event will create even more engagement and excitement. 

Bonus Strategy: #4: Kick Off The Donations Yourself!

Before you start your fundraiser, ask yourself, “what amount can I donate?” Then make your contribution or offer a generous gift to kick off the donations. As the first donor in your fundraiser, you’re putting a stake in the ground for your humanitarian cause AND your audience. 

Thank YOU for opening your hearts to making a BIGGER difference and changing more LIVES! Your commitment to your humanitarian cause is a huge GIFT to everyone.

Your clients AND your cause are waiting for you.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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