3 Tips to Lead an Engaging Virtual Event

I just wrapped up my 3-Day Rock Your Virtual Sales Retreat and it was ah-mazing! Hundreds of women from around the world attended and…

  • Crafted their 90-day launch plans
  • Experienced life-changing transformation
  • Created an incredible safe space for women entrepreneurs

This event was 100% virtual, but let me tell you…

The feelings of community, vulnerability, and engagement were through the roof!

If you’re thinking about rocking a virtual event and wondering, “Is it really possible to provide a transformational experience online?”

The answer is a huge, “YES!”

Here are my 3 tips for leading an engaging virtual event.

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#1. Establish a Two-Way Learning Environment

There’s a saying I love that states, “Impression without expression leads to depression.”

That means it’s so important to give your attendees a chance to express themselves if you want them to truly absorb the content you’re sharing.

After 20 to 30 minutes of teaching, create space for your attendees to integrate what they’ve just learned by giving them a short exercise or action step to take next.

Remember, content is a dime a dozen these days. When you create a two-way conversation, your training will leave a lasting, memorable impression that inspires transformation.

#2. Offer Breakout Sessions

One of my favorite Zoom features is the ability to create breakout rooms. This allows your attendees to gather in small groups to practice what they’ve just learned.

At my latest event, we had multiple breakout sessions and offered short exercises where attendees could go around the “room” and share their answers. Breakout rooms create a sense of community, and they aid the learning process by allowing for open expression and an opportunity to take action.

#3. Create a Transformational Space

Your virtual event is a space to create transformation in the lives of your ideal clients. Tell them exactly what they’ll do to experience a life-changing shift during their virtual experience with you.

For example, at my recent event, our attendees actually crafted their 90-day launch plans live throughout the 3 days. They took tangible action by implementing new tools and strategies… resulting in a sense of transformation!

Make a deeper impact on your attendees’ lives by…

  • Offering Q&A opportunities
  • Delivering live hot seat coaching
  • Prioritizing breakout rooms
  • Asking questions to keep the chat thread buzzing

You can even ask your attendees to do something as simple as dropping a “YES” in the chat if the content is resonating with them.

I hope these tips help you rock your next virtual event, and create a sense of trust, community, and connection…

…because connection = currency!

The world needs your gift right now. People need spaces where they can gather, feel safe, and be vulnerable. 

Now get out there and ROCK your next virtual event! Your ideal clients are out there and they’re waiting to have their lives transformed by YOU.

Let’s do this thing…together.


Join our community of 50,000+ women entrepreneurs who are here to support YOU as you rock your business virtually!

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23 days ago

Thank you for this confirmation, that I’m on the right track. Your descriptors are so energizing, positive and spot on.

23 days ago

The 3-day event was INCREDIBLE! It truly was a transformational space, and so many lives were changed!

Erika Jo
Erika Jo
22 days ago

Wow! These are such incredible incredible and valuable tips! I know personally how important it is to create that engagement and create connection during the event. Thank you!

22 days ago

These events are always SO FUN and needed!! Thank you Sage for teaching us so much and keeping everything so positive and attainable! 🙂

Jen Gens
22 days ago

“Connection creates currency!”  SO TRUE! 

Loved this hot tip: “Impression without Expression leads to depression!”
Makes so much sense that we must engage our potential clients & allow for the two way conversation.  

My favorite way to engage my clients is to ask questions!  

Omg the zoom breakouts are so crucial! I love how you explained how to create an experience for clients & create a sense of community.  Way to bring in the Brene Belonging!


21 days ago

Connecting, expressing, and integrating what we’re learning is one of the great things about women rocking business! Getting to know others and practicing what we learn at Sage’s events makes implementing these in business so much easier. I’m getting to know that I am for sure giving my free group much more than they can integrate at one time. I’m thinking of ways to help them express more and connect with each other so that they’re ready to go to the next level once we get to that sacred enrollment conversation.

Jill Stein
Jill Stein
21 days ago

Three amazing tips! Everyone should check this out that is having a virtual event.

19 days ago

The realization that people need spaces where they can gather, feel safe, and be vulnerable; was a realization that what we doing is life changing and very much needed!

19 days ago

This is amazing content, will start applying in my next event.

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