3 Tips to Rock Your Spiritual Sales

Hello beauty!

If you’re wondering how to bring your spirituality into your sales conversations…

Check out my 3 tips to rock your spiritual sales.

I’m sharing simple strategies that are leveraged by highly skilled and successful saleswomen around the planet, so you can…

💛 Enroll more clients
💛 Create more alignment in what you’re offering
💛 Feel more expansive and fun in your business

Check out these tips below and let me know in the comments:
Which of these tips resonates with you the most?

^^^Discover 3 Tips to Rock Your Spiritual Sales Now^^^

#1. Practice Presence

The best saleswomen on this planet are fully engaged in the moment when they’re in sales conversations. They’re not thinking about what happened yesterday, what’s happening today, or even, “is this person going to buy my stuff?”

They’re tracking.
Listening intuitively.
Creating space.
Getting curious.

They’re listening for an underlying challenge or motivation, rather than points where they can agree or disagree. 

Practice being totally present in the moment next time you’re in a spiritual sales conversation.

#2. Be Committed…Not Convincing

There’s a difference in energy when you’re standing for an outcome on behalf of your potential client…rather than convincing them to buy something. 

Before they say “yes,” people want to feel like they’re making an investment because they truly see the value, not because they’ve been convinced or persuaded. 

That’s why it’s important for you to stand in your commitment to the big outcome or transformation they say they want. 

Then, you can be their biggest cheerleader and your conversation won’t feel sales-y or convincing.

#3. Remember Sales is About Service

Selling is about service. Sales is really about getting to make a difference for people. 

“I’m here because I want to make a difference for you.”
“I’m here to sell you my program.”

Can you feel the difference?

When you stand in service of your potential clients, you can flip the energy and let them know…

  • You want the honor of making a difference for them.
  • You have the intention of helping them create long-term transformation.
  • You’re willing to stand in the fire with them.

Here’s a quick recap of the 3 spiritual sales tips:

#1. Be present and practice intuitive listening

#2. Get in the energy of committing rather than convincing

#3. Remember that selling is a service to your potential clients

You (not someone like you) were chosen to bring this important gift to the planet right now.

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I hope to see you there, rockstar!
You got this.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Eboni Jewel Sears
1 month ago

These three tenants remind me of what we do in counseling. We create space and are a stand for our clients transformation.

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