4 Energies of Sacred Sales

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who puts you at total ease, like they’re going to take exquisite care of you so you totally trust them?

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that it’s not just what they say… it’s their deeply present, confident energy that leaves you feeling totally safe, supported, and cared for.

Today I want to share how you can infuse the 4 sacred energies of the elements into your sales conversations to attract your right-fit clients to work with you.

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In this episode, I’ll introduce you to the 4 key energies that will help you enroll confidently, change more lives, and charge more for your services:

  • The visionary energy that aligns with air and holds the client’s vision even when they can’t hold it for themselves.
  • The mentor energy that gets clients into action, isn’t afraid to stand in the fire, and tells the truth.
  • The coach energy that moves like water, asks questions, and stays open to her internal guidance.
  • The nurturer energy that heals and draws you in with their caring and loving presence.

When you infuse your sales conversations with these four energies it creates a safe space for you to show up in service of your client’s highest good… and there’s NO LIMIT on how many clients you can serve.

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn the 4 key energies to bring into every sales conversation. I’ll share a proven tool to shift your energy to become magnetic and invoke the elements of air (vision), fire (sacred action), water (resources), and earth (structures of success) every time you make your offer.

This Sh*t Works lol – let’s rock this.


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