5 Hot Tips to Launch a Successful Podcast

I’m kicking off today’s training with an exciting announcement…

Season 4 of the Women Rocking Business Podcast launches NEXT WEEK. ✨

You’re going to love this season, sister. The theme is 7-Figure Impact, and each episode will give you the tools to:

💛Scale your heart-based business
💛Transform lives & reach more people
💛Make a bigger difference on the planet

This week, I want to share with you a throwback video from when I first launched season 1 of my podcast. I’m joined by Michael Neeley, CEO of Your Authority Blueprint and incredible podcast guru! Michael and I share our 5 hottest tips for launching a successful podcast.

^^^Watch “5 Hot Tips to Launch a Successful Podcast” Now^^^

#1. Reverse Engineer Your Podcast

The first step to launching a successful podcast is to actually reverse engineer your show. Michael recommends you ask yourself these 3 questions to make sure your podcast will attract the right audience:

What do I want to sell?
Who is my ideal audience?
What type of podcast will attract my ideal audience?

This is the key to building “know, like, trust” value with your listeners and creating amazing content that resonates with them. 

#2. Manage Your Time

Once you decide the “who” and the “what” behind your podcast, it’s time to determine the “when.” Map out time in your schedule to dedicate to creating new podcast content.

Hot tip: If you want to release weekly podcast content, choose just 1 day a month where you can record 4-5 new episodes. Then drip them out on a weekly cadence, and you’re all set until next month.

#3. Repurpose Your Content

It’s 2022 and everyone has a preferred method of consuming content. 

Some people like to read blog articles.
Some people like to watch YouTube videos.
Some people like to scroll on social media.
…and a lot of people love to listen to podcasts. 

So creating new podcast episodes doesn’t necessarily mean you have to reinvent the wheel each time. Repurpose your existing video content by pulling the audio only and uploading it to your podcast. (This tip has been huge for my podcast strategy!)

#4. Improve Audio Quality

Audio quality plays a huge role in the success of your podcast. Choose a quality microphone, speak clearly, and minimize any background noise or distractions. 

#5. Choose a Hot Title

Your podcast title should pass the “face test,” meaning a face should come to mind when you say the title aloud. I chose “Women Rocking Business” as my podcast title, so it’s clear my content speaks to women who are launching businesses. 

***Comment below with your podcast title idea!***

I can’t wait to release season 4 of my podcast next week! Keep an eye out on your inbox and the Women Rocking Business Sisterhood Facebook group for more information about the release. 

Keep rocking, beauty!

Let’s do this thing…together.


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