5 Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

Have you ever had a case of stage fright? 🎃

I’m sharing 5 quick tips to help you feel alive and vibrant (and way less scared) from the stage.

Watch the video and read the article below.

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#1. Remember Nervousness Makes You Human

If you feel a little scared to speak in front of an audience… that means you’re totally human. It’s okay to have some level of nervousness when you’re getting ready to speak. Your audience isn’t looking for polished perfection. They want the real, genuine, connected YOU.  

#2. Be Prepared

It’s very wise to prepare for your speaking engagement in advance. I find that the introduction or opening story and the offer can feel the scariest, so give some extra love and attention to these two parts of your presentation when you practice. 

#3. Focus on One Friendly Person

Whether you’re in the room or on Zoom, identify one friendly, smiling person in the audience who you can focus on to help you feel happy and centered. 

#4. Have a Wing Woman

At Women Rocking Business, our clients often create “wing women” partnerships to help ease the stage fright. Your wing woman (or wing man, or wing human) can help introduce you, build credibility, run your slides, and support you in any way you need while you’re on stage.

#5. Take Care of Your Body

Eat simple food, stay hydrated, and keep the exercise light when you have a speaking engagement. Your body is holding a lot of energy while you’re rocking the stage, so don’t overdo it and allow yourself time to take breaks. 

BONUS TIP: Speak in Service 

Keep in mind, you’re taking the stage because you’re standing for a transformation in your audience. You’re putting a stake in the ground for them having more love, greater health, abundant money, a bigger purpose, and so much more. 

You got this, rockstar. Nothing is scarier than you hiding out when you have a gift that your ideal clients really need right now.

Your clients are waiting for you.
They’re not just waiting for someone like you.
They’re actually waiting for YOU.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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