6 Tips to Rock Hybrid Events (Virtual & In-Person)

As the planet is slowly returning to in-person gatherings, there’s a new event format that’s paving the future for LIVE speakers…

HYBRID events.

HYBRID refers to an event in which you’re leading both online participants (who we call “Zoomers”) and in-person participants (who we call “roomers”) through a transformative experience. 

Women Rocking Business just led our first HYBRID retreat for our clients. 

And I have to tell you…
It was absolutely AMAZING.

So today, I’m sharing 6 quick tips to help you rock your hybrid events and create life-changing transformation for your attendees.



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#1. Plan for Two Audiences

Hybrid events are like two events in one, but that doesn’t mean they have to be double the work. Let the following question drive the to-do list for you and your team:

“How can I make this an incredible experience for both roomers AND Zoomers?” 

Create a space where Zoomers can feel the anchor and container in the physical room… and Zoomers feel held by a global audience coming together for the same transformation.

#2. Leverage Breakout and Small Groups

Creating small groups and breakouts is one of the HOTTEST strategies to create totally ah-mazing engagement and transformation. 

When you put your roomers into small groups to practice their new tools… use Zoom’s breakout feature to do the same for your Zoomers. You’ll be amazed at the intimacy it creates!

#3. Choose a Venue That Excites You

Select a location that ignites your passion. Ideally it’s a place where people can gather, take great pictures, and immerse themselves in transformative energy. (I’ll be hosting my 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat at a gorgeous beachfront venue in Santa Cruz!)

Your hybrid venue can be as simple as a house, coffee shop, or small workshop space – wherever you feel comfortable hosting a life-changing event.

#4. Practice, Practice, Practice.

It’s a good idea to practice facilitating both a Zoom audience AND a room audience in advance. Invite your friends, families, and colleagues to help you practice, so you’re more confident and prepared when it’s time for your first or next hybrid event.

#5. Balance the Room and Zoom.

One of the biggest mistakes I see speakers make with hybrid events is…

Teaching primarily to the roomers! ❌

Instead, try to focus on teaching to the people on Zoom. The people in the room will already have an established sense of engagement and connection, so it’s important to help your Zoomers feel seen and held. 

Take questions from your Zoomers FIRST and spotlight them as much as possible. 

#6. Create a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a HUGE part of our hybrid event model. Your group will create a common space for ALL of your attendees to practice in the same place. Invite them to practice action steps, participate in contests and giveaways, and comment on each other’s posts to nurture more networking and co-mingling among your roomers and Zoomers. 

If you want to see how Women Rocking Business leads hybrid events…
And if you want to learn how to rock sales while feeling authentic and empowered…

I invite you to check out our first ever HYBRID 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat LIVE from Santa Cruz, CA!

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It’s going to be life-changing, NAME. I can’t wait to see you in-person or virtually… and give you the tools to launch your message & business that is needed on the planet right now. 

We are the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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