An Embarrassing Moment during my Launch

We launched a brand new program last week, our Events that Change Lives Program for workshop leaders (What a JOY!)… AND it was so hectic in the middle of rolling out all the videos and webinars, that I threw up.


There’s always a GIFT in body breakdown… and the first gift was that we’ve welcomed tens of thousands new subscribers to our women’s business world… and hundreds of new clients into our training programs.

And in the process of doing so, I discovered the remedy to the ‘exhaustion’ of building a business and giving it your ALL.

Click on the video to discovery the remedy to Entrepreneurial Exhaustion:

Building a business is an incredible ride, full of ups and downs, and will likely grow you spiritually more than anything else in your life.

Body breakdown doesn’t necessarily mean “STOP”… it’s just our bodies way of asking for something it needs in order to build the business.

Together, let’s remind each other that a week at the spa might not be what the doctor ordered… YES there’s a time and a place for the spa, AND surrendering to service can be just as therapeutic and more invigorating in the end.

LEAVE ME A NOTE: What does YOUR SWEET BODY need in order to build your business? Please post on the chat thread below.

Let’s do this thing Goddess… TOGETHER!

PS. If you found this video helpful – please share it with a friend! It might be just the thing she needed to hear today.  🙂

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