Are Your Ideal Clients Going to Buy?

Woo Hoo! We just wrapped up our 3-Day Rock Your Online Sales Retreat!

I’m reflecting on the incredible group of intelligent, heart-centered, powerhouse women from last week’s event… and there’s one question that initially came up a lot that I want to address for today’s training.

“Are people really going to buy my stuff?”
(Pop a “YES” in the comments below if this question has ever crossed your mind.)

I’m sharing 3 tips for you to feel totally confident in what you’re selling, so you can…

  • Attract & enroll your ideal clients
  • Stand in the value of your rates
  • Change more lives with transformation-based sales 

Check out the video & read the article below now.

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#1. Reframe the Question

Let’s look at the question again:

“Are people going to buy my stuff?”

I lovingly ask you…

Is this question about your ideal clients…or is it about you?

I invite you to shift the focus to your ideal clients – the people who you’re here to support and lead through transformation. 

Reframe the question and ask yourself:
“How do I add so much value to my program or offering that my ideal clients feel so excited to buy?”

When you package a high-value program that gives your ideal client the tools to create deep, lasting transformation, both you AND your ideal clients will feel so good about the investment. 

(By the way, high-value programs are recession-proof. This strategy works in any economy and any niche.)

#2. Find Clarity in Action

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:
Clarity comes from taking action, not the other way around.

When you work with clients and start seeing big results, you’ll feel so much more confident (and even potentially feel ready to raise your rates.)

Ask yourself two questions:

First, “What do I need to charge to earn my ideal income?”
Then, “What do I include in my program so I feel great about charging that amount of money?”

When you feel solid on your answer, take action and offer your program to your ideal clients. Now, you’re changing lives AND earning life-changing income at the same time. 

Helpful reminder:
Don’t charge too little or else you could feel bitter or resentful. You want to feel lit up and inspired when you offer your program. That’s why it’s so important to create a high-value program. 

#3. Raise Your Vibration 

There are so many factors contributing to your energetic vibration…

  1. How you talk to yourself
  2. Who you spend your time with
  3. The energy in your community
  4. How you lead your day-to-day biz
  5. And so much more…

It’s so important that you raise your vibration so you become magnetic to your ideal clients.

Here’s the thing, rockstar:
Your clients want the high-vibe version of you.
(Not the perfectionist, not the robot who has it all figured out)
They want the most authentic, thriving YOU. 

Raise your vibration and tune into the highest version of yourself… then bring her to the table in your business. (Your clients are going to LOVE her.)

So here’s a quick recap.

If you’re wondering, “Are my ideal clients going to buy?”
The answer is a “YES” if you create a high-value program, get clarity from taking action, and raise your energetic vibration. 

BONUS TIP: Follow a Proven Framework

I’m welcoming so many amazing women entrepreneurs into our Women Rocking Business Academy for year-long training. If you want to immerse yourself in mentorship & sisterhood and build a business that changes lives…

I invite you to join us.
>>>Chat with a Coach + Sign Up Here 

Here’s a taste of what you’ll do inside…

  • Package your client-attracting program.
  • Design client funnels.
  • Craft irresistible offers.
  • Fill your groups and launch challenges.
  • Create a magnetic social media strategy.
  • Work with affiliate partners.
  • Land in a container of mentorship.

Your clients are waiting for you. They’re not just waiting for someone like you. They’re actually waiting for YOU. 

Let’s do this thing…together.


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Kimberly Brenner
2 months ago

Clients can feel when we are confident and caring That’s when they buy

Karen Connell
2 months ago

Sage, you are so inspiring because you speak to all of us as intelligent, caring women, who want to help others.

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