Asking for the Sale is Sacred

Happy Monday, beauty!

If you’ve ever dreaded a sales conversation or felt resistance to talking with potential clients about money…

It’s time for a shift.

Today I’m teaching you why asking for the sale is SACRED, so you can…

  • Hear more “YES!” from your ideal clients
  • Shift from resistance to excitement in your sales conversations
  • Feel confident asking for the sale & enrolling new clients

Here are 3 ways to embrace your sales conversations with confidence.

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#1. Practice Presence

When you want to feel present in your life and business, you may practice presence exercises like…

  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Asking for the sale is another way to feel fully present and focused in your business. Your enrollment conversations are a gift because they require your full attention and presence in the moment. That’s what makes it a sacred part of your process.

When you’re present in the conversation, you’re open to attracting more “yes” and truly connecting with your ideal clients. Your energetic availability and your presence are your most important assets when you’re enrolling new clients.

If you feel a little intimidated because money is part of the conversation, here’s a shift to consider: 

The enrollment process isn’t sacred in spite of the fact that money is on the table. It’s sacred because of the fact that money is involved. 

Remember, your clients aren’t investing in you. They’re investing in the transformation you are creating in their lives – and that’s really exciting. 

 #2. Consider Commitment

During your enrollment conversation, it’s important to understand your potential client’s level of commitment…

…but you don’t want to come across as robotic or unnatural by asking the question, “How committed are you on a scale of 1 to 10?”

That’s why it’s a good idea to ask questions about their greatest desires and highest intentions for their life. Tune into their juiciest “why” and the best version of themselves they envision in their future. 

Then, ask questions that measure their commitment based on their words, not yours. 

Ask if they are level 10 committed to putting time, energy, and resources into really bringing life to their vision and desires. 

This approach creates a sacred dance that transforms…

“Will you hire me?” 


“Are we both committed to creating this incredible transformation in your life?”

When it’s a mutual “yes,” you have the honor of holding them accountable and giving them the steps they need to achieve this desired transformation. 

#3. Appreciate the Dance

Your enrollment conversation is no less sacred than going on a first date!

You’re answering two questions:

“Am I the right fit for this potential client?”

“Is this potential client the right fit for me?”

The goal is for you and your potential client to stand together as agents of change for the unique transformation you can provide in their lives. 

Money is a beautiful part of that exchange and it’s symbolic of the mutual decision you’re making to create change together. 

Money is the stake in the ground for you to change lives…because when people pay, they pay attention.

When you embrace the sacredness of sales, you can have FUN enrolling new clients and dancing in sales conversations. 

So I’m inviting you to spend some time this week…

  • Making your message as clear as possible
  • Getting curious about your potential clients’ commitment
  • Tuning into your greater desire to change lives and LOVE serving clients.

Please drop me a comment and tell me the unique transformation you’re bringing in your business!

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Your clients are waiting for you. They aren’t just waiting for someone like you. They are actually waiting for YOU. 

Let’s do this thing…together.


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