Bring Balance to the Planet with Your Biz

If you’ve ever thought to yourself…

“The world is falling apart, I just want to quit my business and become a philanthropist”

…then this week’s training is for YOU.


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My sweetie and I just got back from a blissful trip to Cozumel, Mexico to celebrate the launch of my newest program, Profitable Speaker Training.

I took this time to totally unplug from technology…

…and when I got back, I was totally devastated to learn about the latest developments in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people have been on my heart, so the very first thing I asked was, “What can I do?”

My business and I just donated thousands of dollars to an organization called Save the Children, which is on the ground in Ukraine and responsibly using its funds to protect the children. 

>>>Here’s the link if you want to join us in donating (any amount makes a difference)

Your passion for your business may feel deflated when the world takes a turn for the worse. (Tell me in the comments: have you ever felt this way?)

To be honest, rockstar, sometimes it makes me want to just quit and become a philanthropist.

But then I remind myself…

Our businesses are philanthropic in a big way.

Women entrepreneurs are leading businesses that…

  • Heal people
  • Create transformational spaces
  • Change lives

…and these are the solutions that are making a huge impact on many of the imbalances people are facing on this planet.

So if you find yourself gravitating toward philanthropy in times like this, remember:

If you want to heal the planet, you have to heal its people.

Keep going.

Keep getting visible.

Keep getting to the front side of imbalance.

Let’s do this thing…together.


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You’ll create a 90-day launch plan for your purpose-driven business, practice your new skills in breakouts, and discover how you can incorporate more philanthropy into your business.

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