How to bring Vulnerability into your Marketing

It’s time that you let down the mask and show the world who you really are. It’s time to be intimate, visible & vulnerable. Your clients will love you for it.

I know you know this – That the world needs more vulnerable leaders who aren’t hiding behind a mask and telling the world it’s been rainbows and butterflies all the way through. (Thank you Brene Brown, I love you!)

Vulnerability-Just-AheadAnd, to be vulnerable without losing the respect of your clients and potential clients is the trick. I’ll show you how in a moment…

I told dozens of my brand new clients this week, during my niche clarity course, that you have to be willing to fall on your face if you want to be successful. Because the truth is… that’s what is going to happen.

I’ve fallen on my face several times in my business. I’ve gotten up on stage and enrolled half the room, making tens of thousands of dollars in one day, and then I’ve gotten up on stage and bombed. I’ve hosted workshops where 2 people showed up. I’ve hosted workshops where hundreds of people showed up.

Please grant yourself the permission to bring ALL OF YOU to your marketing, to your message and to your divine right clients.

But there are two things you’ll want to include alongside your vulnerability so you don’t lose respect of your audience… those two things are… Credibility and Commitment.

Your vulnerability wants to partner with your credibility… so that you and your clients don’t get washed away in an emotion of vulnerability.

Ask yourself, what makes you credible? It can be a client success story or even a time you helped a friend make a huge change in their life. And don’t for one moment thing there’s nothing that makes you credible. Let’s blow that story away right now.

Example: I worked with a woman how happened to be a dear friend of mine to help her get beyond the heartbreak of a 12 year marriage, date again confidently and not give up on love and now I’m committed to helping my clients get beyond heartbreak and open to their next divine right relationship.

Your credibility can be research or stats that back up your skill set…

Example: Over 90 percent of people who use hypnotherapy to help them quit smoking are successful, I’ve been through addictions in my life (insert vulnerable story) and now I’m committed to helping my clients beat the addictions with the right tools to do the job.

NOTE: You could use both of the above examples even if you haven’t had a paying client yet at all!!!

Bringing in credibility gives you permission to be vulnerable. Whether you’re writing an article, a sales page, a flyer for your workshop, in an enrollment conversation or talking to someone at a networking event about what you do… sharing your credibility will allow others to respect you, and then sharing your vulnerability allows others to trust you.

You need both their respect & trust. People won’t invest if there’s only trust. They have to respect that you are someone who can pull them forward.

When you share your commitment to your clients, it’s like icing on the cake. Now your potential clients respect you, trust you and when they feel that you’re committed to them stepping into who they truly want to be, even when they can’t hold that possibility for themselves, they invest.

Got it? Practice below. Share something here on the blog that makes you feel vulnerable, (remember this is a safe space) and how you may be able to use it in your marketing.

Let’s do this thing sister… together.


PS… After you share below what makes you vulnerable… copy what you share and paste it into your next workshop flier or website copy, and use it!

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