Can Business Really Be Easy?

Being an entrepreneur with a purpose-driven message has its share of challenges.

You’ve got to be self-motivating. You’re taking something near and dear to your heart and putting it out into the world for people to pay you money for. And the learning curve is steep!

So Goddess, here are three of my favorite tips to make your business life EASIER!

The video below lays out the tips I’m about to share in this blog.

Tip #1: Use Your Mind As An Ally: Ask Questions

To rock your business, you’ve got to have the right mindset in place to make the business of building a business FUN.

Basically, you’ve got to mind your mind. If you don’t mind your mind, it can spin out of control with all those limiting thoughts like, “It’s too much!” and “It’s too hard!” and “This is not figure-out-able!” When you’re head tripping like this, your mind is working AGAINST you.

So what’s the solution to the negative head spin?

Use your mind as an ally by asking your mind the right questions.

The mind WANTS to be busy. So asking the right questions creates something for the mind to do.

We’re not trained to ask questions of our mind, though. Instead, we mostly think in terms of conclusions. “This is hard. I don’t want to do this. I don’t feel like doing this. It’s not going to work anyway.”

The problem with thinking in conclusions is that we completely stop our energy. It’s like we hit a wall. Done. We walk away from our computer or the project at hand.

However, everything changes when you think in terms of questions. Questions are like doorways: they open you up to other possibilities. Your energy gets flowing. AND questions give your mind something to DO!

Questions like:

  • How can this be easy?
  • How can this be fun?
  • How can I make this a delightful day building my business?

When you ask these questions, your mind comes up with answers! That’s what the mind is built to do. So why not ask it the things that you want of it?

Asking questions like this uses your mind as an ALLY in business (and in all areas of life).

What question are you going to ask your mind today? You can use any of my questions above or one (or more) of your own. Let’s inspire and support each other in using our minds as an ALLY!

Tip #2: Turn Your Daily Tasks Into Games You Want To Win

This tip is inspired by one of my dear friends, Susan Garrett, who once told me, “Successful people take mundane tasks and turn them into a game that they want to win everyday.”

What kinds of games can you create for yourself to turn your daily tasks into fun and inspiring games you want to WIN? Games that you’re EXCITED to win?

How can you make it a game to:

  • Get 2000 more followers on Facebook?
  • Get your website copy done?
  • Book a talk and get 20 people to attend?

Who could you enlist in playing the game with you and holding you accountable?

Turning these types of essential business building tasks into games will increase the FUN FACTOR. It’s when you’re having more fun that it can actually be easy to build your business.

You want to know something else, Sister? When you’re having FUN, you’re more attractive to your potential clients. They want to get close to you, see what you’re up to, and join in on the fun!

Comment below: what mundane yet important business-building task will you turn into a GAME today?

Tip #3: Take Time To Tune Into Your Own Needs (And Get Them Met!)

We have certain needs as women business owners that are essential to get met. If you’re not tuning into and getting your own needs met, you’re going to struggle building your business, no matter what. There will always be a part of you resisting the work of building your business and everything you make yourself do will feel hard.

For example, we all have a need for connection. So don’t force yourself to sit down at a computer until you’ve gotten some love each morning!

We also have needs for sleep and rest (which are actually different things), so make sure you get enough sleep and rest. And PLAY! Play is a legitimate need, too! Make sure you get your need for PLAY met!

When I was a little girl, my Grandfather sat me down and told me, “You have two choices in life. You can work your butt off to do something you don’t love doing for long enough that you retire so you can enjoy life. Or you can choose work that you love and then the lines blur between work and play and everything gets a lot more fun.”

(My Grandfather is pretty wise, isn’t he?!)

You may have guessed that I chose the latter!

I’m taking a stand for all of us to have the opportunity to LOVE WHAT WE DO SO MUCH that we’re willing to take EXQUISITE CARE of ourselves. That way, we can show up for the thing we’re meant to do without being depleted and burned out.

So take time to tune into and get your needs met!

Are you craving some connection? Some spa-time? Some girlfriend time?

Put a retreat or spa day or trip on your calendar. (It doesn’t need to be two weeks in the Bahamas. It could be a half-day or an hour!) Go solo or invite a few girlfriends to come with you.

Then you have something to look forward to. You’re no longer resisting the work of building your business. And you know you’re taking steps to get your own needs met, rather than looking to someone else to give you permission to make your needs a priority. (This is HUGE, Goddess! It’s super duper important if you desire to rock your business.)

You do NOT… I repeat: you do NOT have to deprive yourself ever again. Your needs are worthy of your attention. Treat yourself as the luxuriously deserving courageous rock star that you are. It is absolutely required.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated! Book some time in your calendar for self-care. Eat really good food. Call up a friend and hang out for an hour.

Know that your clients are waiting for you. Not a burned out, stressed out, pissed off version of you! They’re actually waiting for you.

Comment below: what self-care will you treat yourself to this week to tend to your needs? Let me know! It’s really important that you know you’re in a community of women who SUPPORT you in prioritizing your needs!

If you know of another woman who is launching her business or taking it to the next level and who is also interested in making her business more fun, please share this article with her. We’re all in this, together!

Remember: You can do this! Your clients are waiting for you!

Let’s do this thing, Goddess… together!


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